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Discover the art of ceramics and pottery in Japan

7th August 2012 Print

Japan Journeys has created an exclusive 10-night Japan Ceramics Tour featuring privately guided visits to some of the country's most culturally significant ceramics sights.

The itinerary has been especially crafted for lovers of Japanese ceramics and for those looking to extend their knowledge of the collections and anthologies of some of Japan's most well-known ceramic artists.

Pottery aficionados will welcome the opportunity to experience Japan's largest annual pottery fair in Seto, which draws as many as half-a-million ceramics buyers with its famous bargain prices.

The tour includes private visits to artists' studios and kilns such as the Gen-emon kiln, one of Japan's most famous ceramic artists. In the Kyoto neighbourhood of Kiyomizu, the group will visit the shrine-like house of revivalist potter, Kawai Kanjiro, explore the village's cobbled streets and browse shops selling delicate Kiyomizu-ware.

The itinerary also takes in the museums of Arita and Ohara, plus Raku, which houses 450 years of traditional Japanese pottery. A visit to the Kyushu Ceramic Museum gives guests the opportunity to view Karatsu-yaki, Imari-yaki and Nabeshima-yaki, as well as around 1,000 pieces of Arita-yaki from the famous private collection of the Shibata family.

Guests can relax in the Zen Buddhist rock gardens at Daitoku-ji Temple, marvel at the carved wooden architecture in the gilded sanctuary of Sanjusangen-do Temple and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony at the Kiyomizu Temple.

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