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Bestseller boosts client list at Medispa in Yorkshire

14th August 2012 Print
Fifty Shades phenomenon

As the craze of the ‘Fifty Shades’ book trilogy continues to sweep the nation, staff at Yorkshire MediSpa have seen a marked increase in selected treatments which their clients are attributing to the phenomenon which is the series of books by EL James.

Elements MediSpa based in Doncaster and Bawtry has seen ‘Fifty Shades’ translate into real life, as more women are choosing beauty treatments to boost their appearance and self confidence.

“We have seen a marked increase in appointments for treatments like permanent laser hair removal as well as our anti-ageing procedures,” commented Sandy Green director Elements MediSpa. “The book trilogy is an inspirational phenomenon I would certainly commend anything that boosts women’s confidence in their own appearance. As our client numbers suggest, laser hair removal is just one way in which the books have inspired them to invest in treatments that can deliver life changing results. In just one day alone our therapists noted that 95 per cent of our clients made reference to the books!

“One of my favourite conversations was with a client who told me she had finished the trilogy in the space of one week, and she hadn’t been able to get Mr Grey out of her mind. Another woman (who is happily married with two children) told me it had re-kindled what she and her husband used to share, and that the butterfly feelings were back just like when they first met! Seriously, this is the stuff that dreams are made of…”

The trilogy that depicts an erotic relationship between a highly successful businessman and a college graduate has captured the attention of millions of women across the world and has sold over 12 million copies in the UK alone.

Sandy continued: “Having read ‘Fifty Shades’ many of our clients are re-discovering themselves and their relationships, and the transformation in some is incredible. Their confidence has grown and it’s motivating many women to take more pride in their appearances. For all its critics, I feel that these books are undoubtedly having a positive impact on women and their relationships. It’s allowing them, perhaps some for the first time, to talk openly about their appearance and what they want from relationships, and amidst the doom and gloom of summer 2012 it’s just what we ladies needed!”

Elements MediSpa which has been established for seven years is the leading beauty spa in Doncaster and offers a range of treatments including skin care, anti-ageing, hair removal and reduction and an extensive array of surgical, non-surgical and beauty procedures.

For details about the full range of treatments available, information of the up and coming events or to request a brochure, visit

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Fifty Shades phenomenon