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Perfect coffee every time with durgol swiss espresso

8th November 2012 Print

With 14% of Brits using an espresso machine at home at least once a week and the same percentage using in-home pod machines, the market for coffee machines is stronger than ever. But it’s essential to make sure your machine is free from limescale, especially if you live in a hard water area, to guarantee the perfect coffee, every time.

Now coffee fans can say goodbye to limescale with durgol swiss espresso - a new coffee machine decalcifier from Switzerland, designed to remove limescale from all makes and models of home coffee machines including fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual and 'coffee pod' machines.

durgol swiss espresso is highly effective as well as easy and safe to use and machines cleaned and descaled regularly with durgol swiss espresso produce quality coffees with the signature ‘crema’ top. This is the golden foam of coffee oils that covers the top of an espresso shot – the sign of a quality coffee. In addition, the crema helps to retain the aroma and flavour of the coffee. In hard water regions in the UK, it is often a challenge to keep coffee machines free from limescale, which in turn affects the taste and quality of coffee and reduces the amount of crema extracted.

Beverley Martin, managing director at durgol swiss espresso says: “Although limescale itself is not harmful, if it builds up, it can clog coffee machines, stifle the flow of water and reduce the overall quality and taste of the coffee. Water tank filled machines need to be descaled on a regular basis as set out in the coffee machine manual. In addition, cleaning machines with durgol swiss espresso guarantees a fresh, quality coffee with an impressive crema, which coffee lovers will enjoy time after time.”

durgol swiss espresso is guaranteed to decalcify quickly and easily without having to wait for the decalcification process to work. Research shows it works up to ten times faster than other branded decalcifiers[ii] and using the formula regularly ensures quality coffees and extends the life span of the machine. It leaves no residue, is completely odourless, and after decalcification and rinsing, the machine is safe to use.

Each pack contains two 125ml single use bottles with an RRP of £9.99. One bottle is designed to thoroughly decalcify one machine once.

Beverley adds: “Cleaning and descaling coffee machines regularly not only guarantees quality coffee, but it also increases the efficiency of the machine and lowers the energy consumption of the appliance. Cleaning machines with durgol swiss espresso guarantees a fresh, tasty, superior coffee, with an impressive crema, even in hard water regions.”

The product is available to purchase on, and