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Present and Incorrect - Men never get gifts right for their other half

9th November 2012 Print

It’s official- men never get it right when buying gifts for the other half. Researchers found millions of blokes fall foul of their other half by buying underwear which is the wrong size, wrong colour, too sexy or too slutty.

Women have also been on the receiving end of toiletries they would never use and perfume they don’t like the smell of.

Men have made the mistake of buying kitchen utensils (without realising they are a blatant insult), and cleaning products which hint that the house needs cleaning.

Women also take great offence at being given exercise clothes or DVD’s, feeling they are being criticised for being too fat.

Indeed, according to women, men are terrible at buying clothes, shoes, underwear, jewellery and flowers.

John Starr for Gift Card and Voucher Week, which commissioned the study of 2,000 men and women said: “Buying presents for women is clearly a minefield, and men have little chance of getting it right every single time.

“Even the most thoughtful of presents can be received with caution by women, who seem to assume that with every gift comes a hint.

“It looks like, men should avoid buying anything for his partner to wear, all toiletries and perfume, anything for the house or kitchen, or anything exercise related – that doesn’t leave a lot!”

The study also investigates which items women would be most furious about receiving as a present.

It shows women hate to be given vacuum cleaners, car cleaning kits, saucepan sets and underwear.

Other gifts guaranteed to make her upset include films HE wants to watch or music he thinks she should like.

Sex toys, exercise clothes, anti-aging products and luggage are also complete no-no’s.

More than half of women polled say there have been occasions when they have opened a present from their husband or boyfriend where they have wondered what on earth they were thinking.

Worryingly, one in six couples have had a full blown row because of a present which went terribly wrong, while one in 20 have split up over a particularly bad gift.

A third of women think their bloke gets it wrong with presents because he gets embarrassed in women’s shops, while 49% he just hates shopping.

Three in 10 women acknowledge it is hard for their partner to remember what size they are in clothes and shoes, but a fifth say their partner simply doesn’t know their taste.

A more gracious four in 10 women don’t blame their fellas for getting it wrong, and just think they aren’t very good at shopping.

Eight in 10 women do think their partner genuinely tries hard to get them something nice, but 39% usually present them with a list of what they want so they can’t get it wrong.

John Starr for Gift Card and Voucher Week continues:

“The fact of the matter is that in most cases, women love to shop, and men don’t.

“So when men come to buy presents they are entering a relatively unknown territory and struggle to find things their partner might like.

“It would make total sense for men to opt for gift cards and vouchers for their partner, which means she can go shopping, and he’s not on the verge of being dumped for getting it wrong yet again.”

Interestingly, when questioned about their partners present buying, 21% of men reckon SHE always gets it wrong too.

Women are accused of buying them clothes when they hate clothes, cheap gadgets rather than the best on the market, and shoes when they only need one pair.

One in 10 men hates being bought aftershave because there’s nothing wrong with their old faithful, and soft toys because they are not manly enough.

Jewellery, man bags, a framed photo, a meal out and chocolates are also amongst the gifts men hate to receive.

Gifts men get wrong:

Underwear – the wrong size, too slutty or too sexy
Toiletries – the wrong brand
Perfume – she don’t like the smell of
Kitchen utensils – a blatant insult
Cheap jewellery – he’s a cheapskate
Chocolates – that she doesn’t like
Shoes or slippers – in the wrong size
Vacuum cleaner – insinuating she should clean more
Flowers – forgetting her favourite
Exercise clothes or DVD – suggesting she is fat

Gifts women get wrong:

Clothes – he hates receiving clothes
Gadgets – she opts for the cheap ones rather than the best
A man bag – he can’t pull it off
Soft toys – he’s not manly enough
Shoes – he only needs one pair
Jewellery – his mates would never let him forget it
Chocolates – she’s only buying them so she can eat them
A meal out – because she wants to go
Aftershave – there’s nothing wrong with his old faithful
A framed photo – too sentimental

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