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Arocs - The new force in construction

28th January 2013 Print
Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Mercedes-Benz has achieved a triple leap forward in the field of Euro VI compliance: this year the brand with the star is expanding its current heavy-duty vehicle range with the addition of the Arocs. This specialist in construction follows hot on the heels of the Antos, which celebrated its market launch in the heavy-duty short-radius distribution sector in 2012, and the Actros, which celebrated its market launch in the long-distance transport sector in 2011. In addition to maximum environmental compatibility thanks to Euro VI, the new Arocs vehicles also boast three outstanding qualities: power, efficiency and strength.
Clear segments
The Arocs range is being offered in a previously unparalleled variety of vehicle models to precisely match customer requirements in this extremely diversified application sector. The new tippers, all-wheel drive tippers, concrete mixers, tractor units and rigid chassis are available as two, three and four-axle vehicles with 16 power output levels ranging from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp). From the outset, all of the engines have been designed to meet the future Euro VI emissions standard and are available to order as Euro VI versions.
On top of this, there is also a wide variety of requirements when it comes to the means of transport used in ancillary construction trades or the ultra-heavy-duty transport sector. Public service vehicle operators require tailor-made vehicles too.
Leading forces in construction: Loader and Grounder
With the new Arocs, transport tasks in the building industry can be carried out more efficiently than ever before. In order to be able to meet this requirement even more effectively for payload sensitive or extreme duty applications, the Arocs Loader and Arocs Grounder have been developed.
The Arocs Loader has made considerable saving to its own kerb weight. The result provides payload optimised 4x2 tractor units which are among the lightest vehicles in the construction sector, as well as 8x4/4 concrete mixers with the lowest possible kerb weight, able to transport the maximum amount of concrete on every trip.
The Arocs Grounder is designed for operating in extremely difficult conditions, such as in quarries or on building sites. Thanks to a host of technical measures, such as a longitudinal member thickness of 9 mm, it is extremely robust and also features particularly high levels of stability and a high load carrying capacity.
Broad range of vehicles from 18-tonnes and up
Both the Loader and Grounder belong to a broad collection of vehicles comprising the Arocs family and which range from a maximum gross vehicle weight of 18-tonnes in the case of the two-axle models, through to 41-tonnes or more for the off-road four-axle models making up the Grounder series.
In general, the Arocs construction vehicle family has been specifically designed for all types of construction industry applications. As a result, the range even includes road-biased tractor units, ideal for tipping trailers or recycling, as a separate vehicle rather than a variant of Actros.
Clear differentiation: high frame
The frames, frame heights and overhangs are specifically different from those found on long-haul trucks. As a result, matching conversion parts for use as construction material transporters are no longer required. The two-axle Arocs tractor unit can therefore be ordered as a 4x2 standard vehicle with steel or air suspension, a payload optimised 4x2 Arocs Loader, a 20-tonne heavy duty air suspended vehicle or a 4x4 as an 18-tonne vehicle or a 20-tonne heavy duty Arocs Grounder. Other specialist vehicles within the broad-based Arocs family include variants previously only available as subsequently converted vehicles. Four-axle vehicles now roll off the production line with a single front and three rear axles as part of a normal series production process in the world's largest truck plant in Wörth.
New ex-works: four-axle 8x4/4 single-tyred trailing axle with three rear axles
This four-axle vehicle is based on a three-axle vehicle with a non-driven steering axle and two twin-tyred driven rear axles. Added behind this is a single-tyred, liftable trailing axle with positive steering.
Possible areas of application include trucks with a large rear mounted loading crane for example, which are required to operate on their own. A three-axle vehicle, or even a classic four-axle variant, would not be able to cope with the rear position of the loading crane due to the load distribution. Thanks to the triple solution at the rear, however, all axle loads can be handled without a problem.
Drive systems: powerful Euro VI engines for the construction sector
The new Mercedes-Benz Arocs is available with a wide range of Blue-Efficiency Power diesel engines. From the very outset, Mercedes-Benz is setting the Arocs to work in harsh, everyday environments equipped with low-emission Euro VI engines.
Arocs customers can choose from a selection of 16 power output levels. The BlueTEC 6 engines are all designed as in-line six-cylinder engines with exhaust-gas turbocharging and charge air cooling for high torque at little more than idle speed. Maximum torque levels from 1,000 to 3,000 Nm are achieved by four displacements of 7.7-, 10.7-, 12.8- and 15.6-litres.

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Mercedes-Benz Arocs