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Men paying the price for looking good

29th January 2013 Print

Most men would hate to admit it but they love a bit of pampering. However a trip to the beauty salon isn’t always the enjoyable and relaxing experience many expect, according to a recent survey by personal injury specialists

The UK-wide survey revealed that looking good can be a hazardous pastime for body-conscious guys with 14 per cent suffering for their vanity. Tanning, hair-dyeing and waxing top the list of treatments that pose the greatest risk with 20 per cent of men sustaining an injury from UV tanning and 16% from a spray tan treatment, followed by hair-dyeing (12%) and eyebrow waxing (13%).

Alarmingly, men are four times as likely to sustain an injury from using UV tanning beds (20%) than women (5%) and eight times as likely to suffer after a spray tan. This could be explained by the increased numbers of men using tanning salons but without perhaps the same level of knowledge and experience as women when it comes to using them safely.

The top five treatments in which men have suffered an injury:

UV tanning (20%)
Spray tanning (16%)
Hair cut or dyeing (13%)
Eyebrow waxing or threading (12%)
Leg waxing (10%)

For women hair-dyeing was the biggest offender with 28 per cent sustaining an injury having their hair coloured, followed by leg and bikini waxing (19%) and facials (15%).

The top five treatments in which women have suffered an injury:

Hair cut or dyeing (28%)
Leg or bikini wax (19%)
Facial (15%)
Eyebrow waxing or threading (13%)
Nail extensions (12%)

First4lawyers’ spokesperson, Chris Rodgers, said: “The boom in the British male grooming market is well documented and you only have to look at the wealth of men’s beauty products and treatments available to see that the modern-day metrosexual man is paying more attention to his appearance than ever before.

“However, these treatments can, in some cases, give a result that’s far from pretty. Injuries sustained from tanning treatments can vary from allergic reactions and skin rashes to dermatitis caused by the chemicals used in spray tanning. Other risks include infections or illnesses from unsanitary rooms or beds, eye damage from goggles and heat-related injuries when using UV beds.

“Burns from hot wax, irritation or tears to delicate skin, infections, ingrown hairs and rashes are all common waxing-related complaints. A trip to the hairdressers can result in accidental cuts from scissors and hair dyeing can be the cause of skin irritations and swelling from hypersensitivity and in extreme cases anaphylactic shock.”

The top five treatments to cause injury (overall):

Hair cut or dyeing (20%)
Leg and bikini waxing (14%)
UV Tanning (13%)
Eyebrow waxing or threading (12%)
Facial (10%)

Chris continued: “Our advice to anyone thinking about treating themselves to a makeover - male or female - is to ensure that they choose a reputable salon so you can be confident that it meets all the necessary safety standards.

“When using UV tanning equipment the operator should advise you on your skin type and on how many minutes you should limit your session to and beds should be cleaned after every use.

“If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair then visit your hair salon for a patch test 48 hours beforehand to make sure you aren’t allergic to the dyes it uses. The same applies to home treatments, always read the package instructions thoroughly and when dyeing or waxing test on a small area first to rule out any adverse skin reactions.”

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