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Digital radio increases its frequency in the Audi range

18th March 2013 Print

Clarity and unwavering quality are essential ingredients in every Audi interior, and as digital radio is rolled out as standard for the majority of the Audi range these attributes will soon also apply to the broadcasts transmitted by its audio systems. From the A1 premium subcompact hatchback upwards, most 2014 Model Year Audi models will  be factory equipped to tune in to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).
Complete freedom from the snap, crackle and pop that sometimes taints  traditional radio reception is just one advantage the Audi digital switchover will bring. Digital radio also opens up considerably more stations to Audi owners – the official UK governing body Digital Radio UK estimates that on average most listeners will be able to receive 20 more in addition to their FM favourites. As with household digital radio receivers, the system will not only display these station names when selected, but also the name of each track played and the artist or band performing it.
Following the ratification of a local digital radio coverage agreement between the Government, the BBC and commercial radio broadcasters in 2012, the reach of digital radio coverage has expanded to such an extent that the service has now become a valuable addition to the Audi standard specification. A programme of local transmitter builds is currently underway, giving listeners local stations on DAB digital radio for the first time, with a total of 14 new transmitters to be built by 2015.
Commenting on the very beneficial upgrade, Director of Audi UK Martin Sander said: “Quite simply, digital radio improves the ownership experience for our customers, not only in terms of the enhanced clarity and strength of its signal, but also the breadth of station choice and the degree of detail in the information it provides. Our premium in-car audio systems, and especially our outstanding BOSE and Bang & Olufsen upgrades, richly deserve digital broadcast quality, and I am delighted that we can now offer it as standard in the majority of models.”
Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, added: “This digital radio announcement from Audi demonstrates a huge industry transformation, with digital radio increasingly becoming the norm in new cars. This is significant news for new car buyers who can now enjoy the full range of BBC and commercial stations on the move.”
Most Audi models equipped with fully integrated digital radio receivers will become available to order from the beginning of April, with the exception of the TT and R8 ranges, which will follow suit at a later date.
From the summer, Audi Centres will be able to offer a range of digital radio adapters for retro–fitting to all existing Audi models which will enable them to capitalise on the full range of digital radio benefits.

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