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Homework Tutor app helps students and parents

20th March 2013 Print
Autology Homework Tutor

To mark the beginning of UK revision season, online education experts Autology has announced the launch of the Autology Homework Tutor app for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices. Aimed at UK students aged 11-19, Homework Tutor provides access to over 500,000 resources including GCSE and A-Level textbooks, revision guides and online activities, all searchable by topic, subject and key stage.          

The Autology Homework Tutor app provides a wealth of education resources, thanks to partnerships with the UK’s leading school textbook publishers including Letts & Lonsdale, World Book Encyclopaedia, Heinemann and over 4,500 leading education sites.

Autology Homework Tutor’s power lies in its sophisticated and intelligent search engine. Unlike a web search that can often lead students towards incorrect, inappropriate or irrelevant information, The Autology Homework Tutor searches a proprietary education library and database to give students search results that are directly relevant to both their question as well as the national curriculum and their key stage level.

Key Features:

Designed specifically to help UK students aged 11-19 with their studies  

Provides resources from over 4,500 leading education sites linked to the curriculum

Improves learning - in school trials has been shown to increase assignment grades by 1-2 grades.

Access textbooks from the UK’s leading publishers including Letts & Lonsdale, World Book Encyclopedia and Heinemann.

Intelligent search provides accurate and age appropriate results from within the Autology database, all linked to the national curriculum

Amazing value - access thousands of premium resources at one very low monthly cost

Supported by teachers & NAACE (UK’s main body for ICT in education)

Based upon our successful, award winning, online service which is provided to schools across the UK

A great way for parents to support their children’s education in a protected and focused learning environment           
“The Autology Homework Tutor is a revolution in mobile learning for young UK students” said Eric Hobson, CEO of Autology World. “The Homework Tutor App now gives students exactly the same access to online resources as those that have been used by thousands of students in over 650 schools across the UK since 2007 through the Autology online learning portal. Homework Tutor provides parents both with the resources they need to assist their children in their learning, and provides the child with access to a huge array of resources in a safe and protected learning environment” added Hobson.       

Homework Tutor by Autology is now available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. The service costs around £2.99 a month or £29.99 a year.

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Autology Homework Tutor