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51% of married men take off wedding ring when going to the pub

22nd March 2013 Print
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Most women prefer to believe that their husbands never take off their wedding ring unless they are doing dirty chores such as washing the dishes, but a recent survey concluded that happily married men who are in a loving relationship are still drawn to obscuring their marriage status when out without the other half.

The figures show that a surprising number of men said they remove it when not with their spouse or even when simply popping down the pub with friends. The reason? Because “You never know who you might meet”. Admittedly, men in a happy marriage are still on the lookout for a “better” partner or simply a one night stand.

Jewellery retailer, who carried out the survery on their website said “We believe that a wedding ring is for life, a special piece of jewellery bonding two soul mates together, that should never be taken off. It is shocking to see how little value a matrimonial piece like the wedding ring means to some people” said Bethany Harper, at

"An increasing number of family households have one full time earner due to the lack of jobs, so the time married couples spent apart is worrying”

“Both couples seem to be exhausted from the stresses of looking after the kids and longer hours and it seems that Men are starting to play away looking for part time flings at any opportunity"  

The survey results indicated:

Q: Have you taken of your wedding ring when going out for a drink with friends?

A: 51% of Men said they take of their wedding ring when going to either a Pub/Bar or Club with friends.

Q: Would you consider taking your wedding ring off anytime you are away from your spouse?

A:  21% of Men said take of their wedding ring anywhere they may meet a “better” partner.

Q: Do you take of your wedding ring when at work, for example at a work party?

A: 16% of Men admitted to taking of their wedding ring when at the office party.

Q: Do you take of your wedding ring when shopping?

A: 17% of Men take of their wedding ring when shopping.

31% of also clicked the other choice.

Surprising answers:

1 respondent said that they took off their real wedding ring to sell on for beer money and replaced with a metal replica.

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