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Region's leading spa gets flawless smiles

29th March 2013 Print
Chanelle and Caprice Dudbridge

The latest in teeth whitening technology has come to the region’s leading health club and spa and is set to transform the smiles of people from right across the South West.

In addition, the newest trend in eyelash extensions will also be available for those wanting fantastic eyelashes every day.

The new treatments will be available at theclub at Cadbury House in Congresbury and follows a deal between the award-winning health club and a new beauty treatment business called Flawless.

Run by sisters Caprice and Chanelle Dudbridge the new teeth whitening service will use the B-Zero teeth whitening system which is the world’s number one non-peroxide teeth whitening treatment.

Now available at the North Somerset health club and spa, anyone who wants to get a sparkling new smile will be able to book an appointment ensuring they will shine when out with friends, family and work colleagues.

Caprice said: “Before this new type of treatment teeth whitening was traditionally considered only for celebrity A-listers. However, with more people wanting to look their best and with the arrival of this new technology has made treatments like this very affordable and means we can all benefit from sparkling smiles.”

With the demand for brighter smiles been driven by programmes such as The Only Way Is Essex and Strictly Come Dancing more and more people are wanting to improve the way they look. Many also view a brighter smile as being an important factor when for example going for job interviews.

Caprice added: “This treatment is quick and convenient so has appeal to a wide range of people. Business people, brides and grooms-to-be, those going for a new job interview or people who just want to improve their smile will all find this treatment ideal.

“And because it is peroxide and bleach free means those who decide to benefit from the treatment can do so with complete peace of mind. It’s all about self-improvement and self-esteem. Just imagine popping out during your lunch hour and returning to the office with a fantastic new smile.

“And because our service is available in the spa at Cadbury House means it will appeal to more people. And although you can receive teeth whitening treatments at the dentist for example, there won’t be any whining drills with Flawless!”

The technique used involves light-system which activates the B-Zero whitening gel that is placed on the customer’s teeth.

The pain free treatment lasts about 60 minutes and is broken down into three, 20 minute sessions and works quickly to remove stains in a very gentle and effective way.

Perfect lashes

In addition to teeth whitening the duo will also be providing Individual Eyelash Extensions.

The ideal solution for those with busy and hectic lives, it's convenient and easy way to have fantastic eyelashes every day without the hassle of having to apply makeup. With a varied range of curls and thicknesses there's a look to suit every age, from a light mascara look right through to a full bodied dramatic set of lashes.

The treatment takes about 1½ hours with the lashes lasting up to eight weeks.

Chanelle said: "Individual eyelash extensions have really caught on recently. People who have them applied find them hugely convenient and many also find the treatment very therapeutic as they are really able to relax and enjoy the gentle lash application.”

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Chanelle and Caprice Dudbridge