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Monarch Airlines’ expansion continues with new aircraft delivery

16th April 2013 Print

Scheduled leisure airline, Monarch has taken delivery of a new Airbus A320 aircraft. The aircraft forms part of the airline’s expansion programme which will see the fleet grow in size from 32 aircraft in 2012, to 38 during this financial year to October 2013.

The new aircraft will be based at Leeds Bradford airport where Monarch is about to start its first full summer programme of flying to twelve new destinations. A second similar A320, to be delivered in April, will also be based at Leeds Bradford.

Monarch becomes the first UK airline to operate aircraft fitted with Airbus Sharklets.  These enhancements to the wingtip save fuel, increase performance, lower carbon emissions and improve payload by up to 450kg.   The Sharklets cut down on aerodynamic drag by helping to reduce the spiral shaped vortices that are formed at the wingtips of any aircraft during flight.

“We are delighted to be taking delivery of our first new aircraft for a number of years,” Kevin George, Managing Director of Monarch Airlines said.   “Basing the new aircraft at Leeds Bradford demonstrates further commitment to the airline’s expansion in the north and coincides with the launch of twelve new routes out of the Yorkshire airport, giving greater choice to our new customers in the area.   We are also pleased to be using the new Sharklet technology, which will be both more environmentally friendly and more economic as we embrace the benefits of new aircraft design.”

In November 2012, Monarch announced plans for the re-equipping of its aircraft fleet from 2015 onwards. This re-equipping programme envisages an order for a total of over 45 replacement and expansion aircraft for delivery up to 2021.  Invitations have been issued to the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers to submit proposals for supplying these aircraft to Monarch Airlines through an acquisition strategy which will consider both leasing and purchasing of aircraft. This process will also embrace the new, more fuel efficient technology being introduced by the major manufacturers from 2018 onwards as part of Monarch Airlines’ ongoing drive to operate as efficiently and competitively as possible.

To fulfil its immediate expansion requirements in its existing Airbus fleet before 2015, Monarch Airlines is taking delivery of these first two new Airbus A320 aircraft, to be followed in May 2013 by two new A321 aircraft.