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The must-have nail colours for Spring/Summer 2013

17th April 2013 Print

As a new beauty season dawns, the leading online beauty retailer, Sally Express have uncovered the nail colours that will be the most popular during spring and summer, and they want to share this news with their loyal customers.

As the season moves from winter into spring and then summer, Sally Express know that many women will think about upgrading their beauty look to match the new season. But it's sometimes too easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of a beauty regime; nail varnish. Every season a whole host of exciting new colours are unleashed onto the market and can help update any beauty regime.

A spokesperson for Sally Express explains: “While some women tend to look at upgrading their wardrobes and changing their foundation or hair colour, but nail colours are going to be a very big thing this year. We have had a sneak peek at some of the newest shades, and we think this season's colours are going to be very popular.”

The new nail colours for Spring/Summer 2013 will hark back to the trends of the 1950s, with soft pastels and earthy tones forming the basis of this season's new colours. Cooler colours, such as certain shades of blue and warmer reds, browns and oranges also feature heavily in many nail collections this year. The brand China Glaze have released a new collection, the Avant Garden Polish Collection. which contains both pastel shades and bright colours, for the woman who like to mix it up a little. The Avant Garden Polish Collection is now available.

The spokesperson for Sally Express continues: “Some of the new nail polish collections for the new season have already arrived, and we're really impressed by not only the quality but also the sheer number of colours and finishes that are available. The pastels and earthy colours very en vogue, but this spring a number of companies are also showcasing more adventurous finishes, such as metallic finishes and sparkly nail varnishes. At Sally Express, we know how important finding the right shade of nail colour is, and so, we're really excited at what the new season has in store.”

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