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Milltek launches new VW T5 exhaust system for all models

3rd July 2013 Print
Milltek VW T5 System

Milltek’s latest exhaust system has been tailored to fit the world’s favourite ‘box on wheels’; the VW T5. VW’s incredibly versatile platform has found favour with everyone, from tuners to tilers and from holiday makers to hot-rodders. Milltek’s beautifully engineered system offers proven performance gains with a most un-diesel-like sound track.

Fabricated from the finest 70mm non-magnetic stainless steel, and hand-finished in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, the T5 systems can be ordered either as a cat-back or full turbo back system, which includes an optional Diesel Particulate Filter bypass pipe for optimum performance, on the 2.0 bi-Tdi only. Both sound incredible, but the latter makes the car really sound like a purposefully-tuned petrol vehicle; no bad thing! Available with or without a centre silencer, owners have the choice of enjoying a more sporting tone (without being intrusive or droning) or to simply enjoy the extra performance without the sound.

Two tailpipe options are available; either a twin oval for the style-conscious, or for those that like to keep things ‘OEM+’, a discrete, hidden option that tucks away behind the bumper. Only the improvement in acceleration will give the game away! Ah yes, performance; something the Milltek T5 system offers in bucketloads. When mated to performance software, gains of up to 220bhp have been recorded. A T5 thus equipped, and built by ECU experts Revo, recently returned from the Nurburgring, where it managed a ‘Bridge to Gantry’ time of just 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

Whether you chose the system for looks, sound or performance, it offers each in impressive measure. Guaranteed to fit perfectly and give a lifetime of driving enjoyment, prices start from £288.71 + VAT for the cat back, non-resonated ‘discrete’ system.

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Milltek VW T5 System