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Thirsty Work - plumbers are the biggest tea drinkers

19th July 2013 Print

Plumbers drink more tea than any other profession, a study has revealed – researchers found plumbers drink an average of almost 18 cups of tea while on the job each week – around 3-4 each day.

One in two plumbers even said they think they concentrate and work better if they have a cup of tea while working, while half struggle to get going on a job until they have had a sip of the hot drink.

Fellow self-employed workers and small business like builders, electricians and beauticians are also among the biggest tea fans.

But shop assistants struggle to get to the same level of tea drinking while at work – sipping just eight a week or just over one a day.

Sanjay Lobo, VP Marketing at business card specialist Vistaprint said: ”For many workers and those who run a small business, drinking several cups of tea goes a long way to getting them through their working day – and it seems plumbers enjoy it more than most.

”The research shows small businesses thrive on cups of tea more than professions like shop assistants who have less flexibility to fit in a cuppa when they choose.

”If tea fuels small business and small business makes up £3,100 billion of the economy , I’d say that’s an impressive return for the humble brew.

”Perhaps we’ll all think twice next time we ask our plumbers if they want a cuppa!”

The study, of 2,000 workers found that factory workers are second in the league of tea drinkers, sipping just over 17 a week or more than three a day.

Builders also drink around 17 cups while working each week, with almost 58% saying a cuppa actually helps them to concentrate better on the job in hand.

And more than three quarters even said making a cup of tea is one of the first things they do each morning.

Sales reps came fourth with a daily total of 16 cups of tea, while recruitment consultants completed the top five with an average of 15 cups of tea each week.

Other trades and professions to feature in the list include electricians, painters or decorators and beauticians.

61% of tea-loving beauticians even said regular cups of tea help them to get through their day, while 90% of painters and decorators said the same.

Nurses and doctors are also in the top ten.

At the other end of the scale, those in retail drink just eight cups of tea a day, while secretaries and PA’s surprisingly drink just nine cups – despite working at a desk most of the day.

Drivers, teachers and solicitors are also among the professions who struggle to drink tea during their working day.

Researchers also found that the average worker will drink an average of two cups of tea every day, with more than three quarters admitting the hot drink helps them get through their day.

Almost six in ten even said they struggle to focus on the working day ahead of them if they haven’t yet had a cup of tea, while around two thirds think it actually helps them to work better.

Four in ten even claimed they can’t do their job properly, or as well, without their first cup of tea.

But one in five say the tea round responsibilities cause rows in their workplace with arguments about who’s turn it is to make the next one – with a quarter saying they have at least one tea-related disagreement a week.

Top ten tea drinking professions (cups per week)

1. Plumber 18
2. Factory worker 17
3. Builder 17
4. Sales person 16
5. Recruitment consultant 15
6. Electrician 15
7. Painter/decorator 14
8. Beautician 14
9. Nurse 13
10. Doctor 13

Top ten professions which drink the least amount of tea (cups per week)

1. Shop/retail assistant 8
2. PA/Secretary 9
3. Driver 10
4. Teacher 10
5. Lawyer/Solicitor 11
6. HR worker 11
7. Office worker 12
8. IT/computer programmer 12
9. Cleaner 12
10. Customer services 12

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