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Anti-ageing beauty with natural face lift massage

22nd July 2013 Print

The quest for eternally youthful looks is an age-old preoccupation, but today it has escalated into a passionate obsession as never before. Longevity as a result of medical advances and health awareness has meant that anti-ageing is now at the forefront of lifestyle choices.

From ancient times to the present day, health and beauty treatments have been the friend or foe of many a woman. Cleopatra famously bathed in asses' milk to preserve her youth and good looks, while Elizabethan women used lead and arsenic as part of their beauty regime, dying slow toxic deaths as a consequence.

Today's trends progress in a similar vein. As natural beauty regimes continue to thrive, the synthetic market does a roaring trade with plastic surgery, botox, fillers and anti-ageing creams. Some disaster stories make headlines while a huge number go unreported.

The Natural Beauty Industry

Global Industry Analysts estimate the anti-ageing market will reach $291.9 Billion by 2015. This is a significant amount spent in search of the holy grail of youth.

Health and wellbeing have become very important components of people's lives today. Looking and feeling good in a competitive world is the driving force behind the escalation of the recession-proof anti-ageing market. It also stems from a primal desire to halt or restrain the ageing process.

The good news for those of us in the natural and holistic field is that there is growth in these sectors. As stress, food and environmental factors have made people more sensitive and aware; the demand for safer, toxin-free methods of wellbeing is on the rise.

Facial lasers, botox and surgical procedures are not only expensive options, but the conflicting clinical research results surrounding the appearance and health benefits of these products or procedures have led to much scepticism. They don't all stand up to the claims made by the manufacturers.

And some procedures such as microdermabrasion, an exfoliating facial that takes off the top layer of skin, have been found to be harmful. The Daily Mail reported that regular use of microdermabrasion, offered by many high street beauty salons, potentially caused long term damage, leaving the skin thinner, with uneven lines and pigmentation.

Natural Anti-Ageing

The popularity of natural anti-ageing services offer therapists an excellent opportunity to tap into this increasingly successful market.

Kundan Mehta, who founded Natural Face Lift/Rejuvenation Massage in the late 80's, says: "I see more and more people turning to the Natural Face Lift Massage because it is safe, non-invasive and does not use products. Even those with the most sensitive skins are comfortable trying it out."

Therapists using natural face lift massage find that by working on just one half of the client's face and then holding up a mirror to them, they have the client nodding with surprise. The worked area looks instantly toned and uplifted and the complexion even. Soon they sign up for a few more sessions.

Kundan says: "Most people are impressed to see the difference in the very first session and unlike the normal facial the effect of the massage stays for a few days. Although technology is improving at a rapid pace, more and more people are looking towards traditional methods of beauty which are pure and natural."

The Natural Face Lift Massage

Kundan Mehta runs a successful practice and training courses in North London. The idea of the Natural Face Lift Massage was born when Kundan first came to the UK from India and looked around for some natural alternatives. She found these were few and far between. She comes from a Bollywood background where her father was a make-up artist. As an actress herself, Kundan was of the opinion that make-up masked the real person.

Her vision was to enable people to rely less on make-up and more on their natural looks.

"When I shared this vision with my late husband (Mr Narendra Mehta MBE, pioneer of Indian Head Massage in the West), he gave  me the motivation  to create what I am now able to offer as an antidote  to the ageing processes." says Kundan.

Since then, thousands of therapists in the UK and abroad have been trained by Kundan. She has also taught to the Demologica therapists at the group's international facilities. Kundan's book The Face Lift Masssage is published by Thorson element.


The inspiration behind the techniques was the CACI facial toning machine that uses metal probes to grip the muscles and smoothen the skin, utilising micro current.

According to Kundan, "Observing the machine and having experienced it myself, the idea dawned on me to use two fingers to obtain a similar result.

"Then I started to put together a few techniques with the skills that I had acquired over a period of time. I tested them on my only model, my husband, and with his enormous patience and feedback I created the current massage routine."

Kundan initially tried out the face massage on her existing clients. With feedback from them, she refined her techniques and began to see results. She was pleased with its suitability for many different skin types. Soon there were requests for training in the massage and today Kundan's Natural Face Lift Massage has emerged as a successful and well established therapy.

Benefits for Clients

Clients seeking natural anti-ageing treatments are most concerned with achieving smooth, firm skin with fewer wrinkles, without going under a knife and all that it entails.

A face massage is like a face workout. Apart from the visible effect, kneading the muscles manually stimulates blood circulation bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the face. With regular massage, the collagen and elastin fibres are activated to retain their elasticity.

For centuries, massage was used for its therapeutic benefits in countries like India and China. But its image in the West as a luxury has meant that it is not widely recognised for its anti-ageing qualities.

Modern procedures do not offer the same psychological and physiological benefits of a natural massage. Plastic surgery, botox and peelers may boost the confidence of the client through superficial enhancements, but they have no impact at a deeper level.

How face massage works

The Massage is multi-purpose in its offering and synthetic options can never claim to achieve the same levels of wellbeing. As a holistic system, a face massage goes beyond the obvious.

Touch is healing and clients experience an enhanced sense of tranquillity, peace and relaxation. When a client's sole motive is a brightened and uplifted face, they are pleasantly surprised to discover the impact of the massage can be on symptoms such as anxiety, stress, tiredness, tinnitus and sinus problems.

The natural facelift massage uses Slide and Lift movements to lift and tone the muscles; pinching, sweeping and smoothening techniques to iron out wrinkles. They loosen clamped muscles to give a softer appearance and, in just a few sessions, help achieve more defined cheekbones and jaw line. Stimulation of the marma or energy points releases blockages for a more relaxed and fresher look.

As an instant boost of confidence or as part of a long term beauty and health regime, face lift massage treatments can be offered to a range of customers without the costs, down time and dubious consequences of synthetic treatments. For the therapist, it is a satisfying and result-oriented provision, without the heavy physical strain of more elaborate massages.

Training & Service

Kundan runs the LCIC international centre along with her Godson Moses, together they provide services to the general public and teaching from their London Centre and travel abroad on teaching tours.  More details on