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Bentley sets new global sales record in 2007

14th January 2008 Print
Strong growth in both emerging and traditional markets takes Bentley above 10,000 units for the first time. New sales record set in the UK market.

With retail sales of 10,014 units worldwide, Bentley has completed the best year in its history. Overall volume grew by 7%, with increases in almost all major markets: +7% in the UK, +4% in North America, +7% in Europe, +18% in the Asia Pacific region, and +93% in China alone.

In the UK, a record 2079 units were sold in all. In North America, a figure of 4196 units was achieved, despite the prevailing economic climate, and a new record was set in continental Europe with 2166 units. In China, the final sales number was 338 units. In Korea, 100 cars were sold in the first year in that market.

These excellent results were buoyed by growth across both the Arnage and Continental ranges. Thanks to the introduction of the Azure convertible, sales grew by 44% in the Arnage line, and with the GTC convertible enjoying its first full year in the market, 2 door Continental sales increased by 57%.

“These results are a milestone for Bentley, which has strengthened its presence around the world, in both emerging and established markets,” said Stuart McCullough, Bentley’s Member of the Board, Sales and Marketing. “A major component of this is our export business, with overseas income in excess of £745 million. Bentley is proud to be a leading British vehicle manufacturer, with all of its production based in Crewe, a workforce of 3800 and a 500 strong engineering team, making it a significant employer in the North West. With its combination of modern technology, craftsmanship and bespoke capabilities, Bentley occupies a leading position in the luxury vehicle market, and expects to maintain that position into the future.”