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Always in touch, always in control

19th August 2013 Print

The new XAV-602BT in-car AV centre head unit from Sony makes it easier, safer and more satisfying to experience music, navigation and smartphone apps while you’re travelling.

The new head unit is available in Europe from January 2014. It can be purchased individually, or as a bundle (XNV-KIT602) with the new XA-NV300T GPS module from Sony with TomTom navigation maps that’s also available as an optional accessory.

The successor to the popular XAV-601BT keeps you in touch with your digital world while you’re behind the wheel. The Double-DIN multimedia centre integrates seamlessly with a growing range of MirrorLink compatible mobile devices, putting you in touch with an exciting world of content and apps.

Download the latest version of App Remote (for Android and iOS) to integrate the head unit with your smartphone, unifying entertainment and control functions for a streamlined driving experience. Phone content and apps are listed on the large 15.5cm (6.1”) colour touchscreen, as well as letting you control selected mobile functions directly. (NB: functionality depends on smartphone model and operating system).

Hook up your compatible Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Then use your mobile’s touchscreen to adjust music fader/balance, listening position, EQ and other sound settings with intuitive gestural commands.

Stay in control – and stay safe – with voice commands while you drive. Just touch the ‘VOICE’ key on the XAV-602BT and say what’s on your mind. A visor-mounted microphone ensures more reliable speech recognition, even in the midst of traffic roar and cabin noise on that busy motorway.

Just launch your phone’s navigation app and state your destination without taking your hands off the wheel. Reply by voice to incoming text messages. Or say “Play Beethoven” and instantly play back music tracks matching your request.

You’re always in touch and up to speed, even when you’re out of the office. Hear incoming text messages, tweets and calendar reminders read out clearly while you drive.

iPhone/iPod owners can also enjoy seamless integration between their device and selected head unit functions, including adjustment of sound settings and displaying a list of compatible apps and content on the screen of the XAV-602BT.

Available as an option – and also as a bundle package – the XA-NV300T GPS unit guides you safely and accurately to your destination with voice-guided navigation by TomTom. Your journey’s even more satisfying with intuitive user interface and world-class maps including IQ Routes, the real travel time database.

Just launch the app on your Sony device, then enjoy great quality voice guidance through the car’s speakers. You’ll never need a network connection because the app works fully offline – saving you money on data roaming costs, while giving constant access to the same maps, technology and world-class navigation as on TomTom’s portable navigation devices.

Check the growing range of mobile devices offering guaranteed MirrorLink compatibility with the XAV-602BT at:

More entertainment on every journey

Sony’s range-topping AV centre head unit promises uncompromising music/video playback quality, and so much more. You’ll enjoy DVD video playback, plus a clear view of playlists and album artwork on the super-sized touchscreen.

Pristine video is teamed with unmatched in-car sound. Immerse yourself in the emotion of a live concert with 4.1 multi-channel surround sound plus a virtual centre speaker. Sony’s unique Advanced Sound Engine fine-tunes each performance with a wide palette of sonic refinements to suit your mood and your music collection, while the Dynamic Reality Amp with powerful 4 x 52W output enhances your entertainment with loud, clear sound. Unique to Sony, radio reception is enhanced by a Digital Clarity Tuner that improves stereo channel separation and sound quality if you’re driving in areas with weak FM signal coverage.

Music searches, control of linked devices and other functions are a pleasure via the touchscreen’s speedy, responsive ‘3D-style’ interface. Choose your background wallpaper image, or select from a choice of six eye-grabbing visualisations that bring music playback to life.

For additional peace of mind, the removable front panel detaches in an instant for improved anti-theft security while you’re away from the vehicle.

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