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Delving into Britain’s suitcases

22nd August 2013 Print

Monarch has been taking a closer look into holidaymakers’ suitcases to find out what essential items its customers can’t leave at home when jetting off on their holidays.   And the results proved very interesting.

In a recent survey by the airline, more than 1360 people answered the question: ‘What is the one thing you can’t live without and always take with you on holiday?’ The responses revealed that more than 12% cannot leave home without their favourite piece of electronic equipment, including phones, tablet computers and music players. More than 8% always have a book or an e-reader with them and the same percentage have to take tea bags to ensure they can enjoy a ‘proper cup of tea’. Whilst some were concerned about what they are drinking, the same percentage were thinking more of the way they look, with another 8% making sure they packed a hair dryer or hair straighteners.

For some, essentials included mayonnaise, mint sauce, slippers and toilet paper, whilst a few were a little more romantic with 4% saying they couldn’t leave home without their partner!

When asked ‘What is the most unusual thing you packed for your last holiday?’ the responses were a little more diverse with various food stuffs featuring widely including:

14 packets of instant noodles
24 curry pot noodles
Mustard powder
2kg jelly babies
Dog food
Corned beef
Custard powder
Baked beans and tomato soup

And not forgetting Marmite which 2% of respondents had in their suitcases. Non-food items were a little unusual too with 1% packing a hot water bottle and others taking a bath plug, a shower attachment, a long handled shoe horn and an extension lead.

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