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Audrey Hepburn & Co...

4th September 2013 Print
Beauty treatment

What do Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Sophie Loren, and Elle Macpherson have in common? Well, besides being legendary beauties, their waist to hip ratio is .7. According to Dr. Devendra Singh a psychologist at the University of Texas, who has spent the last twenty-five years studying the correlation between body shape, health, and perceptions of beauty, all of these women’s waists are noticeably narrower than their hips. Scientifically this is known as the waist to hip ratio, which according to Dr. Singh is what makes men find certain women attractive. This is because fundamentally, the hourglass curves of a woman signify fertility and men are biologically programmed to be drawn to those lucky enough to be blessed with said curves.

So, are you feeling optimistic enough to work out your ratio? To do so, simply divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to get your very own ratio. However, if you require a little help to shave off some vital inches (and don’t we all!) here is our pick of the top toning treatments, designed to promote inch loss and detoxification:

Decleor Silhouette Aroma Wrap at Titanic Spa

This complete detoxifying experience includes an exfoliation and body wrap. The treatment disperses energy-sapping toxins while a marine algae mask rich in minerals breaks down fatty deposits, drains away toxins and eliminates water retention.

Decleor Silhouette Aroma Wrap £69 (55 mins)

Marine Body Wrap at Stanley House

The Detox Marine Algae Wrap boosts the body’s natural efforts to clean and detoxify using a warm enveloping wrap for relaxation and absorption. An exotic Bamboo Scrub prepares the body to receive the seaweed’s rich array of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that penetrate and stimulate. A decongesting massage leaves both skin and body refreshed and purified. Each treatment can be individually tailored to achieve cellulite reduction, skin firming or detoxification.

Marine Body Wrap £55 (55 mins)

Green Tea Abdomen Treatment at the Malvern Spa

This non-invasive treatment can result in inches lost from your waist to leave you feeling super-confident. The treatment works to reduce water retention to give a flatter, smoother silhouette – perfect for a special occasion.

Green Tea Abdomen Treatment £60 (60 mins)

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Beauty treatment