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Alfa Romeo Giulietta now with new Uconnect infotainment system

11th September 2013 Print

HARMAN has announced that the new 2014 model year Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be shipping with its latest Uconnect infotainment system starting this October. This system that has achieved high popularity with several other leading brands of the Fiat and Chrysler Group boasts an attractive 6.5” touch screen display that drivers will find fun and easy to use.

Other key features include a DAB receiver, EU navigation with 3-D content that includes even buildings and landmarks, and an enhanced Digital Terrain Model. Thanks to the Connected Media Center (CMC) the system shows no weaknesses when it comes to playing different media either as it comes with both a USB and an AUX port, as well as an SD card slot.

Drivers can connect their phone via Bluetooth and then leave it in their pocket. The system is easy to control by using either the touch screen or simple voice commands. For example, the system even lets you send an SMS orally without having to take your hands off the wheel thanks to 18 pre-formatted SMS messages. Or the touch screen can be used to access various car controls.

The Uconnect system from HARMAN also delivers great audio quality. Drivers simply connect their iPod® and use the touch screen to navigate through your artists, albums or playlists. And, thanks to the Bluetooth audio capability of modern cell phones, they can also enjoy their music wirelessly. Users will appreciate that there's a whole new world of digital radio out there just waiting to be explored with the standard DAB tuner. CD-quality sound and enhanced information about programs are two other advantages. In addition, the system will automatically switch to the same radio station on FM if the DAB signal becomes unavailable.

Navigating anywhere in Europe has never been easier either, thanks to the attractive touch screen with its large icons. In fact, you can even select from millions of points of interest like gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. And if you want to change your destination or return home, just say it, because the system even understands one-shot destination entry.

An emergency icon that immediately gives you directions to the nearest hospital or police station is yet another nice feature of the 6”5 Uconnect infotainment system. In fact, it even portrays the surrounding landscape and most famous landmarks in full colored 3-D. Last, but certainly not least, passengers will enjoy having more realistic navigation than ever in big cities, with all of the tall buildings shown in 3-D.

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