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Autodelta announce the Brera J5 3.2 C Q-Tronic

12th May 2008 Print
Autodelta announce the Brera J5 3.2 C Q-Tronic

Autodelta now makes Q-Tronic 6-speed automatic transmission available to its bespoke Brera J5 3.2 C conversion, widening further its high-performance range based on the Alfa Romeo Brera sports car. The same conversion is also available on the Spider J6 3.2 C.

The Alfa Romeo Q-Tronic system has been a very popular addition to the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider V6 models since it was introduced in 2006. An all-new generation of ‘self shifting’ 6-speed gearboxes, Q-Tronic is another innovative new transmission from Alfa Romeo which offers all the characteristics and functions of classic automatic operation (parking, reverse, neutral and drive) to the driver, or optionally by sequential mode through the use of a selector. Q-Tronic continues the brand’s tradition of using the letter “Q” to designate the company’s most sophisticated new technologies.

Adapting Autodelta’s supercharging conversion to incorporate the Q-Tronic V6 models has required evolving the system to take into account the constriction placed on the increased engine bay packaging demanded by the new transmission system. An all-new remap of the ECU has been developed by Autodelta to meet the new and individual characteristics posed by an automatic transmission and thus to allow the Q-Tronic to fully maximise and integrate the benefits of our supercharger system.

The Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C Q-Tronic comes with all the features of the Model Year 2008 (MY) upgrade that was officially launched at Autosport International (Birmingham) in January. The Brera 3.5 3.2 C Q-Tronic thus delivers the increase in maximum power of 352 bhp and peak torque of 435 Nm, which allow for even stronger motorway overtaking capability. Performance is similar to the Brera MY with 0-100 km/h reached in 5.3 seconds while a top speed of over 260 km/h is easily achieved.

Alfa Romeo’s new Q-Tronic system uses a smart electronic control unit to optimise gear shifting, maximising efficiency of the engine, and to offer greater fuel economy and comfort by reducing the number of pulses felt by the driver. Q-Tronic also allows the driver the ability to maximise a sporty ride to his requirements by offering sequential gear changing: when the driver depresses the “+” button it automatically shifts up to the next gear, while pressing the “-” button reverses the progression. Unlike many rival systems, this overrides the automatic function, allowing the driver full control of gearchanging. Q-Tronic also offers a choice of two modes (“Sport” and “Winter”) in addition to the default setting. “Sport” resets the gear shifts to a higher rpm to allow a livelier ride while “Winter” mode maximises grip for when conditions are more hazardous, for example when the road is covered in snow.

Jano Djelalian says: “We’re delighted to be able to widen the Brera J5 3.2 C model range to encompass the Q-Tronic transmission. Alfa Romeo’s sequential transmission systems have always been very popular with our customers, especially Selespeed, and we have had a lot of demand put on us recently to make our supercharging conversion available to Q-Tronic version.”

Autodelta in Russia

The first Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C Q-Tronic to be built has been delivered to a Russian customer. The full “J6” conversion, including supercharged engine, and upgrade packages for the chassis, suspension, brakes and electronics, was carried out by Moscow-based Alfa Racing, Autodelta’s sole Authorised Agent for Russia. For the first bespoke car incorporating Q-Tronic, Autodelta factory engineers were present to oversee the operation and to train Alfa Racing personnel.

Russia has rapidly become a strategically important market to Autodelta ever since the London-based design and tuning house began operations in the country in 2003 when Alfa Racing was appointed as its official Authorised Agent. Although a very niche market for Alfa Romeo until now, Russia has a very strong aftermarket tuning scene and a particular affinity for the Alfa Romeo brand which carries a prestige reputation. In line with Autodelta’s policy it carries out R&D in conjunction with the Authorised Agent to ensure that all work meets specific markets’ requirements. In particular in Russia this involves meeting the particular requirements of the local market’s fuel and all Autodelta models are fully prepared to meet these standards with no compromise to performance or economy.

Jano Djelalian, Managing Director Autodelta says: “We’re pleased to be able to deliver the first Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C Q-Tronic to a Moscow customer, as it signifies the importance we now attach to the Russian market. In the five years we have been present in this market we have seen growth comfortably exceeding our targets. The demanding nature of many of the country's roads, the extremes of climatic conditions which can see temperatures drop as low as minus thirty degrees centigrade in the winter, coupled with the challenging nature of the local petrol, are all specific challenges we have had to tackle. We have been able to work very well in gathering invaluable feedback and data from our local agent, especially as many of our bespoke cars here have now reached 100,000 kilometres since conversion.

“For us Russia is an exciting, and rapidly growing area of opportunity. Not only is it a country which fuses great beauty with rich traditions, but Italian values and styles are highly regarded by consumers. The Alfa Romeo brand, which epitomises everything that Italy stands for, is very much in demand from Russian consumers who we find to be very sophisticated, discerning, demanding of uncompromising performance, and to be knowledgeable about Autodelta and our underlying principles. I am extremely confident that now Alfa Romeo has moved into a phase of developing its network across Russia we are going to see a very rapid expansion of the brand’s activities here and a swift embrace by Russian car buyers. Alfa Romeo is a valued brand in Russia, and I have seen an awful lot of passion for the brand.”

Mr Anatoly Kolochkov, General Manager of Alfa Racing, Autodelta’s Authorised Agent for Russia, “I’m delighted that Autodelta chose us to be first Agent worldwide to roll out the Q-Tronic version of the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C, and I think that in itself is an ample demonstration of our growing importance to Autodelta’s global network. Russians have a positive feeling for the Alfa Romeo brand and its unrivalled heritage, and this is coupled to owners’ desire for extracting ultimate performance. Although still a very niche market this is something we have been able satisfy very well since becoming an Autodelta agent, and we have also been delighted by the great support we have received from the Russian media who continually express keenness to try out Autodelta’s bespoke cars. We are completely confident that we are going to see our rapid growth continuing in the coming years.”

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Autodelta announce the Brera J5 3.2 C Q-Tronic