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Iced coffee time

27th March 2014 Print

Ok, so it is only Spring. But when you live in England even a glimmer of sunshine means the shorts are on, picnics in the park are a go and you will sit in the beer garden as long as you can until that last glimmer of sunshine disappears behind a cloud. With this in mind it makes sense to get out the iced coffee recipes - have fun with your friends making them and sipping them in the garden all the while in complete denial that you are freezing.

Iced Coffee Ice Cube Ideas:

The Coffee Cube: This one is simple and perfect for those who don’t have time to get creative. Make a cup of coffee as usual and pour it into an ice-cube tray, then stick it in the freezer over night. When you wake up to that beautiful spring morning add the cubes to your morning coffee. It may take quite a few to cool it down but you will be content in the fact they have not diluted your coffee and you will end up with more of it!

The Vanilla Cube: Like your iced coffee sweet and creamy? Then give these babies a go - they aren’t too bad for you either! Pour 500 ML of almond milk and 150grams of sugar or sweetener into a saucepan. Cut open 1 vanilla bean and add to the pan you can also add 1 tbsp of vanilla extract if wanted.

Turn saucepan onto a medium heat and stir until it comes to boil. As soon as it boils turn to a low heat and cover for 10 minutes - occasionally stirring. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool. Empty the mixture into a jug through a fine mesh strainer and pour into ice tray(s).

It will take 4-5 hours until the vanilla cubes are completely solid but it is worth the wait. Add to lukewarm coffee or else it may curdle and be sure to stir with a straw before drinking.

Naughty but Nice Cubes: Syrup is a great go-to for that hint of flavour. You could either add it to milk and freeze in ice cube trays or add it too coffee and freeze. Some favourites are chocolate, hazelnut or carmel syrups. You could even make your own syrup to add if you are feeling adventurous!

Again these will take 4-5 hours to freeze solid and if you do add the syrup to coffee it won’t dilute your drink!

Do you have favourite flavour cubes when it comes to making iced coffee? Feel free to share.