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Three-quarters of freebie-loving Brits take items from hotel rooms

18th July 2014 Print

A new survey of holidaymakers has revealed that three-quarters of freebie-loving Brits take items from hotel rooms home with them. Research by the holiday deals website Holiday Hypermarket shows that 75% of Brits have slipped something from their hotel room into their luggage before checking out, keen to make sure they get they're getting their money's worth.

The survey of 1,215 UK consumers sheds light on the wide variety of items taken, including everything from the small and mundane like toiletries and complimentary tea and coffee, to larger and more unusual swag, such as kettles, duvets and curtains. Other popular items to pilfer are towels, slippers, bathrobes, toilet rolls, soap holders and even pot pourri.

15% of those surveyed also admitted to trying to get a free hotel upgrade, often being successful in their request. Again, it seems that UK holidaymakers are keen to make the most of their hotel stay and know that hoteliers will often bend over backwards to keep customers happy and guarantee good reviews and recommendations.

Kay Dixon, general manager of Holiday Hypermarket, said: “Clearly UK holidaymakers love staying in hotels so much, they feel they want to bring a little bit of their home from home back with them.”

She added: “When it comes to getting upgraded, we know there are some great hoteliers out there who will do whatever they can to give our customers complimentary upgrades to make their stay even more enjoyable.”

Does this show that while hotels are home from homes, we Brits would actually like our homes to be more like hotels? Or maybe is just shows that we all love something for nothing.