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Toyota manufacturing made simple with downloadable paper model kits

28th August 2014 Print
Paper model kits

The prospect of building your own Toyota might summon up images of long nights toiling in a cold garage surrounded by myriad parts and tools. But there’s a way of crafting yourself a car that only requires a sharp knife, glue and an hour or so of patience.

With a nod to the traditional Japanese art of origami, Toyota has produced a range of scale desktop models representing some of the most popular cars from its showroom line-up.

Colourful, high-resolution kits for RAV4, Prius and GT86 that can be downloaded together with simple instructions on how to turn your flat piece of paper into a credible 3D model.

True to the principle “so simple, a child could do it,” the Toyota papercraft kits are ideal for youngsters whiling away the last days of the summer holiday, while office workers prone to procrastination can happily kill time exploring their inner engineer.

Links to the latest kits and news about new releases are available on the official Toyota blog. You can show off the fruits of your modelling skills by sharing pictures via the official Toyota UK Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Paper model kits