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TomTom to use real-time weather information to calculate faster routes

30th October 2014 Print

TomTom will enable even faster journeys for drivers by calculating routes based on actual weather conditions. 

As well as providing precise traffic jam information, TomTom Traffic now warns drivers about upcoming slow moving traffic due to heavy rain or snow. By being better informed about the weather situation up ahead, drivers can now take smarter decisions about how to get to their destinations faster.

“By knowing the exact traffic situation across the entire road network we can calculate the quickest route to help people get to their destination faster,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of TomTom Traffic.  “We know that bad weather is often unpredictable and can cause significant travel delays.  Now, by factoring in the weather, we give drivers more advanced knowledge about the road ahead to make journeys faster and more predictable.”

TomTom is the first company to use real-time weather information to calculate routes and arrival times.

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