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December UK ATM withdrawals could reach £11 billion

18th December 2014 Print

Analysis by Sainsbury’s Bank suggests that this December approximately £11 billion could be withdrawn from ATMs through the LINK network in the UK – equal to more than £355 million every day during the month.

The supermarket bank, which has 1,550 free-to-use ATMs across the UK estimates that the number of cashwithdrawals in December could reach 170 million, around four million higher than the same time last year.

ATM usage is expected to peak on Friday 19th December, in terms of both number of transactions and total value of cash withdrawn. The Friday before Christmas is the typical peak day for pre-Christmas cash withdrawals; Friday 20th December was the busiest day in 2013 for cash withdrawals.

Sainsbury’s Bank is encouraging consumers to be extra vigilant when withdrawing cash during the festive season. 

Iain Gibson, Head of ATMs at Sainsbury’s Bank said: “With shopping trips and nights out, December is typically far busier for ATMs than any other time of year so we’re encouraging people to be vigilant when withdrawing cash. Try to avoid rushing and ensure withdrawn money is safely put away and out of sight before leaving the machine.”

Five top tips to keep your details safe when using an ATM:

Only use an ATM in a well-lit, public area

If you see anything suspicious either on or around the ATM, do not use it and report it to the owner or business that has the ATM on its premises

Stand close to the machine and shield the keypad not only when entering your PIN but also when entering the amount of cash you are withdrawing

Always put your cash, card and receipt straight away, you can count your cash and check your receipt later

If your card is retained in the machine, report it to the card issuer immediately.