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Entire flight bowled over by Random Act of Kindness

15th February 2015 Print Random Act of Kindness

An entire flight of 180 passengers was left speechless when they were treated to random acts of kindness by leading leisure airline

To mark International Random Acts of Kindness Week (9-13th February), the airline greeted each passenger on flight LS272 from Alicante, landing at 16.30, with a personalised gift – specially wrapped and waiting for them on the luggage carousel when they landed at Leeds Bradford Airport!

The surprise started with a simple question people were asked when checking in for their afternoon flight from the Spanish hotspot, asking what – if anything – they had most missed about home.

Then, whilst the flight of unsuspecting passengers was in the air, a super speedy team of helpers set to work sourcing and wrapping up gifts to welcome them home with a ‘Random Act of Northern Kindness’ – all in just three hours! This included everything from those who had craved a good cuppa receiving an afternoon tea gift set and others who had pined for their pet getting gift vouchers to pamper their pooch.

Bradford newlyweds Mr and Mrs Coupe, flying back from their honeymoon, said: “We couldn’t believe it when we got to the luggage carousel and all these gifts were there before our bags, it was so unexpected, we’re just thrilled with ours presents! You’re always a little bit sad coming back from holiday, and even more so from honeymoon, so this brightened us all up no end! In the true spirit of Random Acts of Kindness, we’ll have to go forward and pass it on now!”

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said: “We want to make holidays as memorable as possible and our friendly service doesn’t stop when people arrive back home. While it is our aim to ensure people holiday happy, we realise there are often things they miss from home when away. What better way to bring a smile to their face than with an extra special welcome home gift!
“Seeing the faces of the passengers as they spotted the gifts was heart-warming. And kindness can be contagious – so we’re hoping this will have a ripple effect – in fact the best acts of #Jet2kindness which have come to our attention this week will receive free flights.”

As well as asking the passengers on board flight LS272 what they most missed, also surveyed over 1,000 members of the general public to see what they longed for from home when on holiday.

Unsurprisingly, over half of those surveyed said they miss their own beds the most. Females tend to also miss their family, friends and pets with men more likely to miss nothing at all about home! Both men and women seem to miss a good cup of tea with northerners craving a British brew the most.

Some people admitted, however, that they’d yearned for things slightly more out of the ordinary including the three per cent who missed the British weather, three per cent who had missed work, and several individuals who missed their laptops and British sweets!

The top ten most missed things whilst on holiday:
1. Own bed (52%)
2. Pets (32%)
3. Family & friends (25%)
4. A good cup of tea (23%)
5. TV (18%)
6. Bathroom (16%)
7. British food (14%)
8. Nothing at all (14%)
9. British Weather (3%)
10. Food (3%)

A video capturing passengers’ reactions to their Random Acts of Kindness can be viewed at or

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