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Student Property opportunities at the new Vita Glasgow

27th May 2015 Print

A new £70 million project in Glasgow is the Vita Glasgow, a student property development that consists of 500, up-market and luxurious properties. Whilst this is not the first Vita project it is now the largest. The location of the project is key as is it situated in the highly sought after West End and importantly, only several minutes’ walk from the University of Glasgow and its 80,000 students. 

Student property tends to do extremely well in Scotland as many of the students who are studying there do not have to pay tuition fees which means that the yields are in actual fact some of the highest when compared to the rest of the UK. The development will be made up of mainly 473 studios and 28 4-bedroom clusters. 

Students are now looking for modern and stylish accommodation as they have moved away from the traditional accommodation and this is why Vita Glasgow is going to be exceptionally popular.  It will consist of communal facilities offering a superb experience to all students who live there. 

There are many advantages to investing in a property in Vita Glasgow. The property will be completely managed with a guaranteed net return of 35% over five years and there is a guaranteed tenancy in all properties as a result of the high demand. Glasgow is known to be a real hot spot for investors investing in the student market and it is perfectly located. 

To invest in the a property in Vita Glasgow there is a payment process in place which consists of a reservation fee of £5,000 with 25% paid when contracts are exchanged and a further 25% paid in January 2016 with the remaining balance being paid in September 2016 when the development is completed. 

The student accommodation investment market is the highest performing market at the moment and Vita Glasgow is no different. Glasgow consists of four major universities with 80,000 students looking for accommodation. There is a high demand for property from international students and as there is a serious under-supply of property, investing in a property in Vita Glasgow is guaranteed to provide an excellent return. 

The main benefits for investors looking to invest in a property in Vita Glasgow are the high number of students and the requirement for first class accommodation. Glasgow is now one of the highest performing cities when it comes to universities and with an under-supply of around 60,000 beds there is a huge demand. Savills have gone as far as to call it a top tier student property investment location which is why it will generate high yields for a relatively small initial outlay. 

However, the under-supply has resulted in many students having to live in HMOs which is a throwback to years gone by. This is why Vita Glasgow has a huge potential. For more information about Vita Glasgow, please contact Hopwood House.