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Get the ultimate gaming experience by combining Sony 4K HDR TV and PlayStation 4 Pro

19th November 2016 Print
Sony 4K HDR TV

Sony’s range of 4K HDR TVs will be the perfect partners for players who are looking to get the most from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s newest launch, PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro).

Offering 4K quality gaming and entertainment, PS4 Pro offers enhanced graphical and processing power, delivering greater detail and unprecedented visual precision. Like all PS4 consoles, PS4 Pro will also support HDR technology.

Owners with a Sony 4K HDR TV will be able to enjoy enhanced PS4 titles in amazing 4K quality (or at a higher resolution); as well as enjoy features such as improved graphical quality and enhanced framerates.

X-tended Dynamic Range Pro is also available across Sony’s 4K HDR range, which means the contrast between the lightest lights and the darkest darks will also be reproduced. It also lets you see a brightness range over three times that of a conventional LED TV; so whether you’re playing your favourite sports title or taking a trip through a post-apocalyptic world, the games will feel sharper, clearer and more realistic than ever before.

Sony’s 4K HDR TV offer high brightness and contrast by unique TRILUMINOS technology helping to create colour saturations and subtleties that make games come alive. With a wider palette of colours and more natural shades and hues, games will appear in beautiful detail.

Motoi Kawamura, Head of TV Marketing and Product Planning, Sony Europe, says: “We’re always looking to give our customers the best experience. The difference that 4K makes to sports, films and other entertainment is incredible and through the range of Sony 4K HDR TVs, we are pleased to be able to bring more immersive and beautiful experiences to players than ever before.”

Sony’s range of 4K HDR TVs including the ZD9, XD94/93, XD85, SD85, XD83, XD80, SD80 and XD75/70 series are the perfect partners to the new PS4 Pro, whatever your budget. For more information go to

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Sony 4K HDR TV