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Braefoot House offers investors entry point for Edinburgh student market

29th November 2016 Print

It's no secret that student property is thriving right now, and therefore student housing investment is extremely popular due to high demands and high yields. Edinburgh, one of the UK's most important student towns, is home to an especially thriving market, and a new development at Braefoot House is giving investors a fresh opportunity to gain an entry point to that market.

Edinburgh is home to no less than four respected universities. The city has a comparatively small population of roughly 500,000 people, of which about 60,000 are students. This means that around 12% of people in the city are students, thanks to the international popularity of its universities – particularly the University of Edinburgh which is one of the longest-established universities in the English-speaking world.

With students making up such a large part of the city's population, there is naturally a lot of demand for suitable accommodation. Like most UK student markets, Edinburgh is struggling with a situation where there is a shortage of supply with which to meet this high level of demand. Student property investments in Edinburgh are therefore high-yielding and easy-to-fill, meaning that when investment units come up for sale there is often just as much demand and a lot of competition to secure quality properties.

Braefoot House is a new, high-quality, and well-located development which is set to offer investors an excellent opportunity to add some Edinburgh student housing to their portfolios. Set for completion in the later part of next year, the development will contain 83 studio apartments specially designed for the needs of students, and will be well-placed to attract buyers and tenants alike.

The development site is in a wonderful part of Edinburgh, close to local attractions like Craigmillar Castle and the beautiful Inch Park. It is just 1.5 miles from the thriving city centre, and just a few minutes walk from the nearest university campuses. The University of Edinburgh is also providing a free shuttle bus service for students of that university who reside in the building, making it even more of an ideal place for those students to live.

The quality of living standards on offer in Braefoot House are no less strong than its location. It will offer comfortable accommodation, furnished to contemporary standards, with each unit coming complete with a bathroom and well-equipped kitchenette. Students will also have access to study areas, laundry facilities, and on-site leisure spaces such as a cinema and games room. This is all housed within a truly impressive exterior of stone and glass which, along with the landscaped grounds, makes for a stunning place to live on both the inside and the outside.

For investors, Braefoot House offers attractive prices starting from only £107,800 for a quality unit in Edinburgh's thriving student property market. The development is freehold with no ground rent charges, and units come with an assured rental promise, which guarantees annual yields of 7.5% for the first two years after the development opens its doors to students.

For more information on Braefoot House, please contact Hopwood House.