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3 smart things to automate in your life

28th April 2017 Print

Automation is the way of the future. The underlying goal of computer software is to improve our efficiency. For any work that you do, software exists to maximize your productivity. To make yourself more valuable, you just need to use it. Here are three smart things to automate in your life.

Your Home

Think about the tasks you do in your home each day. Many of them are menial, and you gain little by doing them. As an example, you may tweak your thermometer settings to adjust the temperature in your home. Rather than do this yourself, you could add a Google Nest Thermostat. This automated device will learn your behavior and set your temperature for you. Over time, it’ll also save you money.

Other daily tasks include updating your to-do list and your grocery list. The to-do list is how you stay on top of your chores. The grocery list is how you keep the refrigerator fully stocked. With an Amazon Echo, you’ll handle both of these tasks — and you’ll never forget anything. The best part is that all you need to do to update your lists is talk near the Echo. It will pick up your location and automatically update your lists. You’ll never worry about home needs again.

Your Social Media

Do you aspire to become Instafamous? Do you want thousands of followers on Twitter? When you set such lofty goals, managing your social media is a part-time job. You need to post regularly to build a loyal cadre of fans. The problem is that your home and work life might not allow you the free time needed to post a lot. That’s why applications such as SocialOomph are invaluable.

With automated social media, you can schedule updates to post at times when you know you won’t have the time. Simply sketch out a few posts that aren’t time-sensitive, then slot them for publication at these busy times in your life. You’ll keep your audience engaged and devoted even when you’re busy.

Your Job

How much time do you spend repeating the same tasks at your job? Do you constantly think about the more productive things you could do instead as you perform these rote actions? That’s the conundrum of doing the same thing a lot. You know that you’re wasting time, but you feel like you lack the ability to improve the situation. That’s where automation comes in.

For example, your company’s telecom expense management (TEM) requires employees to waste countless hours working on telecom spending. A savvy worker would recommend that the company use a reliable TEM product such as Asentinel’s instead. It will handle all TEM needs in a way that will actually save your business money over time. Clever automated applications will discover ways to reduce spending, so they’ll quickly pay for the cost of purchase.

To increase your productivity in life, you simply have to use available technologies. Explore opportunities for improvement in all these areas. You’ll discover automated tools applicable to any of your needs.

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