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Why you need a drone for your home

7th June 2017 Print

How do you take unique photos of your home from the air? A drone. How do you safely check out that suspicious activity outside? A drone. How can you have fun with your family? A drone. If that isn’t enough, here’s more information on why you need to invest in a drone for your home. 


Advanced surveillance for your property has never been easier than with surveillance drones. A drone is easy to operate and can be launched in a short space of time if you need a quick aerial risk assessment. Drone experts Coptrz offer a number of drones for surveillance use such as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro which can automatically recognise, track and follow subjects as they move. Certain advanced security zones also come with a partner app that includes an option for homeowners to notify the police about any suspicious activity.  Outside activity doesn’t have to be suspicious, however, you could use your surveillance drone to track the pizza delivery you’re waiting for or trying to find out if the cat is stuck in the tree again…

Photograph your real estate

Are you looking to sell your home? A drone is an ideal way to capture unique photographs or videos of your property to advertise them from a commercial perspective. Drone footage of your home will give potential buyers a look at the entire property and a great idea of the surrounding areas. Even if you’re not looking to put your house up for sale, a lot of drone cameras are high quality so you can take pictures of your home that no one else can. On a large scale, you may be able to gather data on the air conditions of your local area or pick up readings on the pollen and pollution levels or the temperature and humidity. 

They are now more affordable 

Thanks to their surge in popularity, the cost of drones is now decreasing, and more affordable drones are becoming easier to fly. Some cheaper drones even include handy features such as return-to-home and high-quality camera setups that let you capture photos and videos from otherwise inaccessible areas. 

Drones are fun

Maybe the best reason to invest in a drone is simply because they’re fun. Despite the limits of what you can and can’t do with this technology, flying a drone is still an enjoyable experience and gives you a chance to fly through the air from the ground. Some more advanced drones now allow you to live stream your flight footage through your mobile phone so you can get a first-person view of exactly what your phone is looking at. 

Many people still consider drones a luxury gimmick, but hopefully, with these points, we’ve helped you decide otherwise. In only a short space of time, drone technology has advanced to incredible heights, and it’s likely that this is only going to continue so why not invest now and be ready for the future? 

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