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The average suitcase contains over £3,000-worth of tech and toiletries

25th June 2017 Print

The average holidaymaker jets off to the sunshine with a suitcase crammed full of more than £3,000 worth of tech, toiletries and tanning products, it has emerged.

The incredible extent of the expense involved in preparing and packing for a week-long summer break has been revealed following a study carried out among 2,000 UK adults.

According to the research, the typical suitcase alone will leave a £141.00 dent in the bank balance, with gadgets and gismos costing a further £1,496.00.

On top of that, sunglasses, hair straighteners, shoes and trainers add £413.66 to the bill – and all that is without the cost of a hotel and flights.

Lars B. Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags, manufacturer of durable stickers and iron-on labels suitable for travel, said: “Many of us may not really consider the value of our luggage when holidaying - or how losing items might affect our getaways.

“So we thought it would be interesting to see just how much the average suitcase and its contents are worth - and to look at the steps people take to avoid losing their valuables.

“Interestingly 68 per cent think labelling belongings could prevent loss – given the financial and sentimental value of our luggage this is such a handy way to protect our items.”

The study also found the suitcase will contain two bottles of aftershave or perfume worth £24.41 each (total £48.82).

Swimwear will have a value of £86.97, while underwear will be worth £203.84.

Holiday clothes will have a total cost of around £767, and £21.30 worth of make-up will also be squeezed into the case.

And the average parent packs a further two pairs of sunglasses and two reading devices or tablets for their children. Those travelling with toddlers and babies take three packs of nappies and a pram - not to mention additional armbands, books, toys, dummies and bibs.

But despite the high monetary value of the contents only half of holidaymakers take out insurance to protect their items and just one in three attach an address label to their belongings.

It also emerged around one in 10 holidaymakers have lost their luggage, either due to an airline’s error, or the fact that they forgot about it and left their bags somewhere.

Worryingly, another seven percent have had their luggage stolen whilst on holiday, and one in five have lost something during their break.

A quarter of Brits have lost a camera containing treasured holiday pics - while 10 per cent have lost a passport.

One in 10 said losing an item such as a passport or tickets has prevented them going on holiday or getting back.

And 23 per cent said losing an ‘important’ item has ruined their holiday completely.

Lars B. Andersen for My Nametags added: “Among the list of things that those surveyed had lost while on holiday were a child’s favourite teddy bear, a signed copy of Leonard Nimoy’s autobiography and an antique watch.

“While losing items can’t always be prevented, something as simple as a name label can make the difference between having it returned or being lost forever.”

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