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The changing face of gaming

5th November 2017 Print
Gaming room

Gaming is something that has always been around, ever since we were born there have been different forms of play that teach us many things. Looking at the rise in video games though, there has been a huge move to playing on consoles and PC gaming, and this is down to the versatility of what we know as gaming.

Traditionally gaming has been in the form of table top games and card games. We see many forms of this in modern culture, just look at tv shows and movies where high stakes games of poker are played, which can often lead to dire consequences for the player. It should be no surprise that we see games like poker and bingo played online, as well as many other games. Just look at bingo sites like Swanky Bingo and you’ll see just how popular it has become.


Other forms of games are also table top gaming. Many of us can remember sitting around a table with friends to play Dungeons and Dragons, or maybe something a little less adventurous like Monopoly. With the rise of gaming we’ve seen a move of roleplaying games to video games, and that is because of the ability to create versatile worlds to play them in.

Table top gaming is interesting though, because it may have seen a swing to video games, but it has become popular once again as a table top game. Just look at shows such as Critical Role on Twitch to see the popularity of these types of games. Computers have not only giving us the ability to play games, but to also watch them being played too. 

What we see nowadays with gaming is the power of the Internet. Not only do we play games, but we also have the ability to watch them. This is the evolution of participating, not only for the people actually playing but also the spectator. Watching celebrities and actors take part in table top games, card games, or even playing video games is a huge entertainment market right now.


Gaming is seeing a big boom, and that is because it manages to provide gamers with everything that they want. If there is something missing, that people want to play, then chances are somebody can build it for them. Moving into the future, this includes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to provide an even more immersive experience.

Whatever you want to get out of gaming, whether it be spectating or playing, there is something for everybody. It is an exciting time, as many technological advances are being made to take gaming to the next level. The future is going to be fun for all gamers, and we are lucky enough to be a part of it.

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