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How to bet online without losing your shirt!

6th February 2018 Print

Online betting has exploded on the web over the past few years, with several iconic British betting institutions opening their virtual doors to UK punters as well as those around the world. Sports betting online has seen significant growth, with hundreds of new generation sports betting and related betting sites springing up in every corner of the web. Online betting has become even easier to get into thanks to key mobile browser developments which allow users to access betting sites from anywhere they choose. Mobile betting apps allow bettors to access thousands of betting markets, along with secure mobile payment options, 24-hour support, free bets on the go, and much more.

So, with all of these new online betting temptations to choose from, how does one manage to create an online betting regimen able to yield consistent and predictable results? 

Going to the Source

Professionally run online betting sites are often a good source of information to begin with. Depending on the betting site, one is able to glean a considerable amount of useful info which can assist in creating the desired result. Everything from knowing and understanding odds, how to place a bet, how to maintain effective betting discipline and taking advantage of special betting offers, can be used to ensure a more successful online betting campaign. 

Knowing and Understanding Odds, Betting Lines and Other Betting Options

If you’re new to online betting, getting to know how odds and various betting options work can be quite daunting. However, most top betting sites offer easy and convenient on-site tutorials to make the process of learning all you need to place quick and successful bets, a synch. Knowing how to read various odds formats and options such as money line, acca (accumulator), spread betting and others, will also empower you to know when to bet and what to bet.


Take Advantage of Any Free Bets on Offer

New punters that want to sign up for an online betting account can often take advantage of free bets as an incentive to register with a particular betting site. This can be an excellent way to get to know how the system works and experiment with a few interesting betting options. More good news is that the free bets don’t just apply to new punters as most top betting sites will offer ongoing free bet promos as well as cashbacks on bad bets to their existing customer base.

Check Your Betting Discipline 

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Even the most experienced and disciplined punter runs the risk of going a bit too far, or getting too deep pursuing the next biggest online bet. Most top online betting sites offer great tools for self-discipline which includes various behavioural questionnaires, self-exclusion options, and self-imposed limits to how much you deposit per week or month. If you do end up feeling as though you’ve lost control of your betting habits, there are plenty of specialist resources that are equipped to guide you back to a safer, healthier, and ultimately more rewarding online betting experience. 

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