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The Gender Pay Gap: Two thirds of women unable to pay weekly shop if groceries rise at the same rate as property has

25th May 2018 Print

Women would be 10% more likely than men to struggle with their weekly shop if the cost of groceries were to rise at the same rate as house prices.

According to a new study, put together by Property Rescue, the average weekly shop would jump to £207.37, leaving 37% of women requiring financial help.

The research looked at the cost of goods in both 1973 and 2006, comparing them to today’s prices and the inflation rate over time to discover the cost of everyday items such as sausages would see a 206% increase, now costing £10.26.

Looking at the potential affordability of the weekly shop, were it to rise at the same rate of inflation, the results highlighted the gender pay gap.

Men would be 8% more likely to get by if the hikes were to come into play, with less than a third needing help financially.

According to the survey, nine million women would require financial help across the UK, with the results underlining the significance of the nearly 10% pay gap between men and women.

Danny Nieberg at Property Rescue said, “It’s sad to see how much the gender pay gap affects equality in everyday life.

“These figures really do highlight what sort of issues the gap can cause today and more so in the future. More needs to be done to solve this.”

The rise would also affect young people much more than other generations. Over 40% of 25-34 year olds would require financial help, with two thirds overall struggling to pay for their weekly shop.