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5 tips to Increase your chance of landing a finance job

14th November 2018 Print

Competition at all levels of the finance industry has never been more ferocious.  A uniquely rewarding profession to get into, finance attracts graduates and professionals from all walks of life. As a cyclical job market, recruitment-drive intensity in finance shifts from one period to the next. But irrespective of demand, there are certain things you need to be doing to increase your chances of landing a finance job. Proceed in accordance with the following five tips and you’ll be well on your way to the career of your dreams:

1. Pursue an Internship

There are two benefits to successfully pursuing an Internship. First of all, you’ll gain the practical experience that could set you apart from all the candidates in future recruitment drives. Secondly, those who thrive as interns are often retained by the respective organisation. Internships can be difficult to balance, given how you’re expected to put in the hours and work hard for very little in return. Nevertheless, the long-term payoff could be extraordinary – if you’re willing to apply yourself.

2. Join a Finance Staffing Agency 

Recruitment agencies always come highly recommended for professionals seeking appropriate positions. Working with an established finance staffing agency means having a team of trained professionals scour the market for suitable financial roles. Not to mention, provide invaluable support and consultancy along the way. Particularly for those looking to land their very first finance job, joining forces with a leading finance staffing agency comes highly recommended.

3. Start Early

Realistically, it’s going to take some time for your job search to reach fruition.  Hence, the earlier you get started, the better. For many finance graduates, it’s a case of taking a break, taking their time and only getting started on their applications when they feel they need to. The problem being that those who got started months ago will have already built an edge. Don’t forget that if one or more of your applications are unsuccessful, the employer may still bear you in mind for future openings. 

4. Gain Experience where Possible 

For most employers, experience counts far more than all the qualifications in the world. It’s one thing to take a course, sit a bunch of exams and perhaps land within the top ten percentile of your year. But when push comes to shove, will you actually know how to put your skills and knowledge to practical use? Are you sure you can handle the pressures and responsibilities of the professional financial working environment? For the employer, there’s no way of establishing this – unless the applicant has at least some practical experience. 

5.  Build your Professional Network

Last but not least, you need to get your name and your face known by as many influential people as possible in financial circles. Both online and offline, it’s up to you to embrace every opportunity to network and meet new people. You never know when the curious individual you chat-up in the elevator could turn out to be your next boss. Don’t wait for influencers and decision makers to find you – go out and find them!