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10 things to know about the Ferrari 458

5th February 2019 Print

Thinking of splashing out on a Ferrari 458? If so, there are a few things about this extraordinary supercar you should know first. One of the most iconic creations ever produced by the legendary Italian carmaker, the 458 is also a seriously important outing for Ferrari…and here’s why:

1. Closing the Trilogy 

The 458 represents the closing chapter of a historic trilogy, which started out with the 360 Modena and was followed by the F430. All built around the same basic aluminium chassis, the 458 brings to a close one of the most important series in the history of Ferrari.

2. A Braking Breakthrough 

At its launch, the Ferrari 458 was one of the only production cars in the world to boast pre-fill brake calipers. A feature that has since become the new standard for supercars worldwide, which delivers the ultimate in brake pedal responsiveness.

3. Size Isn’t Everything 

Believe it or not, the Ferrari 458 boasts a relatively modest 4.5 litre V8.  Proving categorically that size isn’t everything, this pocket-sized powerhouse can operate at up to 9,000rpm and wails like an F-1 car when put through its paces.

4. Nor is the Price Tag

Since the introduction of the 488 GTB, the sticker price for a quality used Ferrari 458 has been dropping like never before. So there’s really never been a better time to bag a piece of Ferrari history and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

5. A Roaring Rear Engine

Many buyers of the Ferrari 458 enjoyed their first experience of a rear-engine car in this very Italian masterpiece. An experience that opens the door to the most insanely controllable oversteer and drift, coupled by the feeling of unlimited grip in even the most challenging conditions.

6. Bye Bye Belt 

The Ferrari 458 boasts a timing chain where its two predecessors used a more conventional timing belt. Requiring no more than a good drop of oil now and then to remain operational, it’s far less prone to breakage and significantly more economical.

7. Dual-Clutch Delights 

The somewhat breakable clutch of the F430 proved to be one very expensive headache for more than a few owners. In fact, older Ferraris in general are notorious for expensive clutch replacements. Fitted with Getrag’s dual-clutch gearbox, the Ferrari 458 solves this particular issue with a system light years ahead of its predecessors.

8. Complete Customisation

Since its launch, the market has become flooded with after-market mods of all shapes and sizes for the Ferrari 458. Meaning it’s never been easier to customise your 458 in any number of ways, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s unique to you and you alone. One head turning modification is to have a carbon fibre glass engine cover and engine bay fitted. See this modified example of a 454 Spider that has been fitted with one by the specialists at Scuderia Car Parts. 

9. Your Car, Your Choice

Likewise, the Ferrari 458 was and is available in a wide variety of configurations, including the hardtop convertible Spider and the breathtaking 458 Speciale A.  Not to mention, the competition-ready GT2 and GT3 variants. 

10. The F-1 Experience on Every Journey

Last but not least, the Ferrari 458 was designed with more than a passing ‘nod’ to the company’s rich F-1 heritage. Precisely why the 458 brings the joy and excitement of the F-1 experience to even the most mundane daily commutes.

This article was brought to you in collaboration with Scuderia Car Parts.