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5 most common repairs for volkswagen passats

1st May 2019 Print

The Volkswagen Passat is a great choice if you need a spacious, reliable family car with all the bells and whistles. Despite its dependable reputation, the Passat does occasionally develop issues beyond the need for a new automotive battery. These are the 5 most common repairs required for the VW Passat. 

Engine Failure

The 2003 Volkswagen Passat can develop a build-up of oil sludge that leads to total engine failure, often before 80,000 miles. This is a major issue that typically requires an engine replacement. 

Anti-Lock Brake System Issues

Drivers of VW Passats made in 2013 or earlier report issues with the anti-lock brake system (ABS). Commonly, the ABS module in the car's computer system fails, which causes the vehicle's brake light to illuminate. Replacement of the module typically solves this issue. 

Oil Leaks

VW Passats dating before 2011 may develop issues with the camshaft chain tensioner gasket and valve cover gasket. This leads to oil leaking from the engine, usually around 100,000 miles Fortunately, replacing these gaskets is a relatively inexpensive fix. A good auto parts rewards program makes this repair even more affordable.

Electrical Issues

Problems with the internal electric components are common for all VW models, including the Passat. Around 100,000 miles, drivers may notice failure of the power windows, dashboard display, stereo, navigation system, door locks, heated seats and other electrical features.

Brake Light Failure

VW issued a recall for more than 1 million vehicles in 2007, including the Passat. The affected models experience a malfunction which could cause the brake lights to either fail completely or remain on even when the brakes are not applied. When this issue has not been repaired, a crash can result.

When you experience issues with your Volkswagen Passat, visit a qualified repair shop. A technician who is well-versed in VWs and other import cars can diagnose and fix these and other issues that commonly affect older Passat models.