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6 Tips on How to Find the Right Attorney for You

23rd January 2020 Print

Finding the right attorney for your lawsuit is the most important part of going to court. There are tons of attorneys out there, but there are only a handful that are right for you and your case. 

To help you find the right attorney for your unique case, we’ve made a list of 6 tips to help narrow down your search based on your needs.

Start with a local search

The easiest way to search for the right attorney is to search by your location or area in which you intend to file a lawsuit.

Hop onto Google and search for a specific type of lawyer in your area. For example, if you’ve been injured in New York, simply search “New York personal injury attorney.”

It’s as easy as a few clicks to pull up a long list of lawyers in the area. Next, you’ll want to check a lawyer’s specialties to ensure they can handle the type of case you intend to file.

Pay attention to subspecialties

Google, though a great tool, has its limitations when it comes to finding the right attorney for you. You’ll have a list of general specialties, like personal injury or municipal law, but you’ll want to dig a little deeper.

Depending on your case, you may need to be pretty specific. For example, you may need to search for lawyers with car accident or DUI experience if that’s relevant to your case. 

If you can’t find any subspecialties on the attorney’s website, that doesn’t mean they don’t have experience with your case. You can easily call and ask or set up a consultation with a lawyer if you feel like they are a good fit for you based on your research.

Look into their experience

Knowing what kind of experience your attorney has under his or her belt is important to your case. Would you want a lawyer who has never handled a case like yours to try your case, using your resources?

The easy answer is no. If you can’t find a long list of experience online, you should ask the attorney if they’ve handled cases like yours before. 

The lawyer won’t be able to talk about the details of each case they’ve tried, but they should explain how they would apply their experience and knowledge to your specific case.

Take note of their personality and demeanor

After talking to a potential lawyer, you should ask yourself how you felt after leaving their office. Did they treat you with respect and listen to your concerns?

If you feel that a lawyer didn’t take you seriously or acted unprofessionally, you should keep looking for another prospect. You deserve a lawyer that will listen, support, and work hard for you.

Check the location & access to your lawyer

Two other things to consider before choosing the right legal representation are the location and accessibility of the firm and your attorney.


Where the law firm is located is important for cases that are long and ongoing. Depending on the nature of your case, you may spend a lot of time in your attorney’s office, so it’s important for you to consider that before choosing a firm.


If you need a lot of access to your lawyer, the amount of time he or she has available for you is important. 

For cases that are ongoing, you may want more accessibility. If you file for bankruptcy or only need a few documents filed, you may not need as much of their time.

The amount of time you need a lawyer on hand will depend on your situation. Either way, be sure that the amount of your lawyer’s time is what you expect and need to have your case resolved.

Do a background check

Last, but not least, you should always do a background check on any potential lawyer on your list. You can easily check if a lawyer is licensed by the American Bar Association and if they remain in good standing here.

Finding the right lawyer is easy

At the end of the day, finding the right lawyer is easy. You have to go with your gut and trust the lawyer that makes the most sense for your case, your personality, and your time. 

You may have endless recommendations for the perfect lawyer from friends, family, and Google, but you are the only person who can find the right attorney. Do your research, ask questions, take those answers into consideration, and choose the legal representation that you feel is the right choice for you.