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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Online Gambling Sphere

10th February 2020 Print
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Games of chance were introduced thousands of years Before Christ and have a long history of evolution. Now we can play online pokies from the leading software providers, enjoy table games and poker not depending on where we are.

The gambling industry is capable of adapting to the latest trends and it’s not surprising that soon artificial intelligence will influence the market. So what will happen with the games of chance once the AI impacts the niche?

Data collection and analysis

Every day we are flooded with information: on the websites we attend, advertisements we like, things we buy, texts that we post on social media, and a variety of other details, which help marketers learn more about customers’ consuming potential.

That is why the collection and analysis of this data becomes one of the crucial elements of optimizing marketing strategies. The gambling world is not an exception. Companies invest lots of money and energy to collect, store, and analyze information because this niche is highly connected with the statistical probability. It is a huge advantage for online casinos and software providers to know about the needs and desires of the potential audience.

The best way to do that is turning to computers, which have more power to gather, calculate, and process information. Thus, artificial intelligence may be of great help for analyzing the habits and wishes of the audience and predict what games will be of the highest interest.

Better probability

OpenAI, a research company that deals with artificial intelligence, has taught a bunch of bots to play hide-and-seek. The idea was to watch the competition between those, who hide and those, who seek and to calculate odds.

That is another part of artificial intelligence, which can be of great use for the gambling world. Once professional analysts collect data, the AI software can conduct accurate calculations and online casinos can provide their audience with rather realistic odds. However, not only online operators benefit from these engines. There are multiple services created with players in mind. For example, Sharkscope was produced to analyze poker data and give players updated statistics to help them win more money.

Bigger audience

Based on the latest surveys, the majority of gamblers are 35-64 years old. However, the implementation of artificial intelligence and the improvement of virtual reality can lower the framework because youngsters are more interested in the digital world. Actually, the younger a person is, the more he enjoys playing online and not offline. That’s why younger people will have more interest in playing in online casinos.

The development of AI, as well as the introduction of new technologies, may greatly impact the gambling world, and the changes have already begun.

Curing addictions

Addiction is one of the biggest problems in online gambling. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, the situation may greatly improve. For example, such a program as BetBuddy is able to identify a person with the addiction and prevent any bad consequences before the gambler makes a wrong decision. Solving the issue of addiction will surely improve the industry and make it a safer place.

Stay away from bots

Even though artificial intelligence is all about improvement and convenience there is one thing that may overshadow the general euphoria – bots, which already know how to win a person. This became real because the AI software has already learned to adapt to the opponents.

Just imagine, in January 2017 an AI program has beat a Carnegie Mellon University professor and a Ph.D. student, as well as the top poker players like Daniel McAuley and Jimmy Chou. Once bots learn how to beat real players in all types of games, the gambling industry will experience huge losses in money and the number of players.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence is already a reality – developers are using it to collect and process data, to exclude human factor in calculations, and to make networks safer. It will surely intertwine with online gambling and the only question is whether this merger will be positive or negative.

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