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Online Gaming: Mobile vs Desktop

20th March 2020 Print
Online gaming

An internal battle that rages on between gamers is one of where exactly they can have the best experience. Online gaming and competing against or teaming up with others has grown to be the single biggest aspect of gaming in recent years and technology has allowed it to be done across different platforms.

While at one time it was the desktop computer that reigned king, the power of the mobile device has seen rapid growth. From only being able to call or text, to allow the user to surf the web, view websites like and interact with others, to now allowing a full online gaming experience, mobiles now prove a worthy alternative to the classic desktop. 


Technology is becoming faster and more powerful every day, with new advancements allowing the stuff of dreams to become real with every new device. When it comes to online gaming, the demanding processing power that some titles require can be hard to achieve for a mobile device, with the hardware of a modern desktop PC trumping anything it can offer.

That being said, there are many games with impressive graphics and detail that the mobile device can run. Fortnite, the world’s most popular game, can run on either platform and offers the exact same experience to a player no matter what device they’re running it on - meaning e-sports stars can be made anywhere.

Practical vs experience

The main advantage that mobile devices have over the desktop computer is that they are far more practical in their design. The idea of having a library of games in your pocket, ready for you to play at any time is staggering, especially when you consider that a desktop computer must always be powered by a mains outlet.

While the larger screen, high processing power and at-home experience may be the original way to play, the mobile device’s advantage of being able to connect to wifi anywhere or even run online games off of internet data is a real attraction for someone with a busy schedule or who travels a lot. 

There are advantages that the PC desktop holds, however, as being able to connect to the internet through a wired ethernet cable, or simply being able to harness faster, home-based internet for a smoother online experience does offer less hassle. 


Another way that gamers are divided between mobile devices and desktops is through the actual games on offer with each platform. There are popular games, like Fortnite, Player Unknown Battle Grounds and even Call of Duty that have been ported to mobile but many others remain PC exclusive.

With the launch of the google stadia, developers are attempting to bridge the gap and allow fully-fledged PC games to run on mobile devices, though this is only done through streaming and depends on internet quality.

There are, of course, online games that only exist on mobile that are yet to have a PC version, such as Clash of Clans or Pokémon GO. These have proven popular with millions - but many see the true, competitive online games as existing only on desktops.

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Online gaming