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Spring cleaning for personal tech

2nd April 2020 Print

It's easy for technology to become sluggish. With as much use and abuse that users put them through, they need a little TLC just like any other item in your home. 

Choosing a particular weekend to take care of your personal tech is a great way to ensure that your devices run efficiently. Here are a few ways you can spring clean your personal tech.

Wipe Down and Protect Your Smartphone

Almost everyone has a smartphone. Around the world, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users. With smartphones being able to do practically everything you could ever need, it's no surprise that they also become sluggish or burn out entirely. It's also no surprise that smartphone accidents are common.

These accidents can sometimes damage or destroy your phone entirely. To spring clean your phone, here are a few actions that you can take.

Grab a new case

Do you know how many germs are on your phone case? Even if you wash your hands, it's doubtful that you wash your hands each time before you use your phone.

With oil, germs, dirt, and other gross messes clogging up your phone, it's no wonder it isn't running as well as it used to. One spring cleaning method you can do is to throw out the old and icky phone case and invest a new one.

Invest in a screen protector

Another investment that you should make to keep your phone in top shape is to buy a screen protector like this. It's a good idea to replace the screen, as well, since it can also carry a lot of oil and germs from your hands. Simply search online to find screen protectors that can also protect your phone from impact damage.

Clean and Secure Your Laptop

As soon as you finish cleaning your phone, pick up your laptop. With more people working at home every day, laptops have become very popular. Here are a few ways you can ensure your laptop keeps on running.

Try a laptop sleeve

No one wants to set their bag down a little too hard only to find that they broke their laptop later. A soft case can help keep your laptop safer. It can also keep its exterior shiny and new. 

With a sleeve, hard or soft, you don't have to worry about scratching its surface or accidentally putting a dent in it when setting it down at your desk.

Consider adding a screen protector

Like your smartphone, your laptop screen carries germs. This is especially true for laptops that have a touchscreen. 

Keeping it clean is all well and good, but the best thing you can do is place a screen protector over it. Not only will this keep the screen safe and sanitary, but it will also ensure that it doesn't accidentally break or shatter if you drop the laptop.

Boost portability with a messenger bag

Finally, you should acquire a messenger bag. These types of bags are great at storing and transporting laptops. It's compact enough to ensure the laptop isn't jostled around while you move from one place to next.

Wipe Down Your Desktop Computer

For those who have invested in working at home, game on their PC, or just need a powerful computer, desktops are king. Your desktop could use some TLC to keep performing the tasks you need to be completed.

Upgrade your keyboard and mouse

Are you tired of trying to guess which letters are which on your keyboard because they're faded? Then it's time for a new keyboard. 

Over time, keyboards can become dirty as well. Crumbs are practically impossible to get out from beneath the keys. A new keyboard will make typing even easier, too.

The same goes for your mouse. Too much abuse will eventually wear it out. A brand new mouse provides easy clicking and scrolling action without any of the problems from your old mouse. You might even be able to find one that's ergonomic that makes it easier on your hand as you work from home.

Amp up your speakers

It’s time to invest in your speakers. For gamers and business professionals, it's vital that your speakers offer crisp audio. Speakers can sometimes break over extended usage or even when the audio is loud. Invest in better speakers to gain even clearer audio and avoid blowing out the system.

Safeguard Your Tablet

For those with tablets, you’ll likely also use them to carry out various tasks from answering emails to playing games. Here's how you can give it the love it deserves.

Grab a tablet case and screen protector

Just like with your other pieces of tech, your tablet could benefit from a new case. Keep it protected and clean.

Your tablet can also benefit from having a screen protector. With a screen protector, you no longer have to worry about dropping food or spilling your drink on the surface of your tablet. Screen protectors can help keep the original screen last longer, too.

Upgrade to Bluetooth headphones

Finally, you should throw out your old headphones and grab a new set. Think about all the earwax that’s wedged inside of them. Keep your ears healthy and audio clear by cleaning up your old pair or starting with a fresh pair!