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How virtual reality will shape the future of casinos

3rd April 2020 Print

About a decade ago, virtual reality was a pipedream. It existed clumsily in flimsy 3D glasses at the cinema, or juttery prototypes requiring clunky equipment. Fast forward 10 years, and thanks to some large investment from tech giants such as Samsung, virtual reality has become a lucrative and accessible piece of technology for the average consumer. It is beginning to change how people watch films and play games, and it won't be long until it changes the landscape of casinos too. 

Virtual reality is usually accessed through a headset attached to a device such as a mobile phone. Usually the headset attaches to the screen, and it is placed over the eyes like a nightmask. It allows users to step directly into a new environment. It also offers all sorts of possibilities for gamers and those who would like to go to the theatre but cannot leave their house. It could even be used as a conferencing tool, enhancing video conferencing such as Zoom. 


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For online casinos, it provides an endless opportunity for players to get closer to the game, especially with graphics becoming evermore complex. For sports betting, it could be an opportunity for players to watch the game without actually being in the stand, soaking in more of the atmosphere than they might if they were just watching it on the television.

Although VR isn't yet widely used in online casinos, the possibilities are exciting. For instance, at Paddy Power, the latest jackpot slots include Deal or No Deal and Persian Glory, which already offer players a multitude of thrills, including in game prizes as well as progressive jackpots. If virtual reality were to make its way into online slot games, you could play your favourite games in 360 degrees. You might have to use a heat lamp to properly recreate the feeling of being in Persia, but it would make the experience even more vivid than it already is...


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If virtual reality is tipped to be the next big thing in online gaming, then in-person casinos will need to catch up. Samsung's VR package is cheaper than most game consoles and is compatible with all Samsung phones. For Apple users, iPhones are compatible with some headsets, but nothing has yet been officially launched by Apple. There have been rumours of 'Apple Glasses' but these have yet to be officially launched or given a timeframe for release. 

With fewer of us leaving the house but craving bigger experiences, VR is likely to shape the way we experience the world. It may mean that we travel less, which will, in turn, reduce our carbon footprint. What it will mean is that if we can't leave the house, we can still experience the world, whether that world is real or imagined is up to how you tune into your headset.