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How to Prepare for Prince2 Foundation Certification Exam?

19th June 2020 Print

To pass a certification exam with flying colours, you're required to put in a surplus of excellent preparation and arrangement. In the aforementioned state, PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Examinations are addressed. 

It is prescribed following the suggestions and methods provided by the specialists in PRINCE2 to pass the exams. Furthermore, it is assumed that the blend of both stimulating work and intelligent planning will get you the outcomes that you solicit. 

In this article, we will present the tips you are required before you appear for PRINCE2 Examinations.   

Tips on How to Prepare for the Prince2 Foundation Certification Exam? 

- Understand the examination figures 

The edge here is that you will be allotted 60 minutes. Within the allotted 60 minutes, you must seize 35 out of 70 answers correct to secure it to the passing standard of 50%. There are 75 diverse multiple-choice problems per paper. 

It comprises 5 trial based for which the grades will not be calculated. Your teacher will be capable to provide you with all the details covering how the marks are counted. As well as all that you're required to comprehend regarding solving your paper.  

- Think outside the course box 

However, the best way to pass the prince2 certification exam is to associate with specialists and fellow learners. So that you can find ample possibilities to operate on what you study. Commence accepting those analysis strands in conferences, ask adequate questions from your tutor, join groups on social media. 

- The Foundation examination details 

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is directed at ascertaining that you can portray as a knowledgeable and qualified member of a project management company utilising a PRINCE2 atmosphere that is recommended.  

For passing the exam, you are required to determine that you experience and recognise the postulates and the specification of the process. Accordingly, you are required to determine that you have understood the scope. 

Additionally, the significant content of the characters, the eight elements, the eight methods and the sub-processes of them. As well as the procedures. You must be aware of which administration outcome is input to, and output from. Moreover, the eight methods, the main objective of the key contents of these significant administration commodities.  

- Prepare exam questions 

The next trick for passing this examination. You need to familiarise yourself amidst the exam problems. The more you prepare to do these problems, the more suitable your likelihoods of soliciting for a sufficient 100% marks in that test will be. 

- Master the PRINCE2 Manual 

You may believe having sufficient present to get all the answers during the examination right? A no! You will be allotted only 60 minutes for 75 problems. You have to endeavour at accepting all of these accurately. 

So that you have a possibility at passing the testing and that implies one thing. You have more concise than one minute on a question. You necessitate to eat, sleep and breathe that textbook at all costs. There is merely no additional access around it.  

- Fix your schedule 

Every plan necessitates a good schedule. Similarly, this analysis doesn’t deviate from that precept. Exam day will be there before your notice. Consequently, former preparation cannot be ruined. You necessitate to fix and assure that you adhere to your sessions work, updates and study schedule.  

Along with the deadlines. You should likewise have built-in risk administrators. If you are not skilled at organising, you have to nurture and sharpen your potential in case you desire to work favourably in project administration. 

- The pre-course books are essential 

Certainly, it doesn't seem interesting, learning about the course, even before its commencement. Disregarding the same, believe me, it comes with its arms full of rewards. You'll easily figure out an idea concerning what you are going into furthermore you will understand your lessons better.  

Mark away points for which you demand the tutor's help. Make brief notes so that they can be used for open-ended discussions and reviews. You should also examine whether any publications and textbook.

- Do not panic while the exam 

The exam will commence and you instantly start working focusing that finish line, but are you seeing where you are operating? Are you reserved enough? First, read everything through clearly so that you can understand. Recheck your solutions, focus on the present too. 

Just in the episode, you get correlated by a swell of concern acknowledge you can always retake the examination but you may not need to if you just keep peaceful. 


So, these were the suggestions and methods used to develop the Prince2 Foundation certification examination. You can go through these uncomplicated tips and pass your exam efficiently. So, commence equipping hard to achieve better grades than usual.  

Prince2 Foundation certification exam anticipates your appended efforts. Follow and implement these tips and tricks accurately and analyse the consequence yourselves.