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How technology trends changed the online slots world

28th June 2020 Print

Technological advances have revolutionized many sectors of the global economy and the world of online slots has been one of the most dramatically affected. Going digital allowed players from across the globe to access their favourite online slots, while the modern generation of games developers are producing ever more innovative and immersive graphics and sound. But the onward march of technology continues. Here are some of the ways in which new tech has shaped online slots.

Mobile slots

Almost everybody owns a smartphone these days and the online casino industry has been at the forefront of providing top quality slots content for mobile devices. Thanks to fast internet connections and innovations such as HTML5, modern slots players can enjoy their favourite games wherever and whenever they like, making slots a truly mobile modern experience. 

VR slots gaming

Virtual reality (VR) has been having an affect on the online gaming industry in recent months and online slots have also been affected. Using a VR headset, players can experience the atmosphere of a real world casino, which is paving the way for a new breed of VR-friendly slots games that can recreate the sensations of playing real physical slots. 

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has had a massive impact on the online casino sector, in a variety of ways. AI bots have been employed to help slots players resolve queries and customer service issues, while machine learning also plays a role in helping players to search a site for their favourite slots title, making the slots playing experience seamless and easy. The result is a smooth and effective gaming experience whether you are looking for retro slots titles or the latest in free spins no deposit NZ slots sites. And in the future, it may be that AI-powered slots games that have much in common with video games, will be a staple of online casinos. 

Secure casino gaming

Hacking and data breaches are a constant threat in the online world, and they also pose a number of challenges for casino operators. Many sites operate under strict rules when it comes to security and protection of player information. Fortunately technology has helped to keep slots gaming sites secure, though SSL encryption technology, while slots games themselves are powered by sophisticated Random Number Generators to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. 

Slots payment technology

Changing technology in the world of banking has also been reflected in the online slots gaming sector. Modernization means that casinos have to offer a wide range of payment options for slots players, ranging from traditional bank transfers to the newest in e-wallet options. Some online slots sites have also ventured into the world of cryptocurrency, with many providing slots players with the option to make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency options. 

Impact of Technology 

Slots gaming has been able to grab a big percentage of the market share of the gambling industry thanks to its use of the latest in technological advancements, offering an ever faster, more entertaining and effective gaming product for casino slots fans. With new technological advances coming on stream every year, the future of online slots is an exciting one.