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How online bingo embraced technology to stay relevant in the digital age

28th June 2020 Print

Bingo is a game that has been enjoyed for generations and holds a traditional, old-school charm in its simplicity. Despite its roots in a bygone age, the game’s willingness to embrace technological advances has helped to give it a new lease of life in the online sphere. Here, we take a look at how bingo has stayed relevant in the digital game, and how it is looking to keep up with advances in the future.

Online bingo has stayed true to the basic concept of the game played at brick-and-mortar bingo halls, but it has used technology to provide a new range of experiences. Its 24/7 accessibility is an obvious example of using the technology to give the player full reign over when they want to play. However, also giving the player the ability to choose where to play has been hugely beneficial to the industry. The increasing development of mobile technology has facilitated an environment in which dedicated bingo apps are available for anyone with a smartphone. This allows players to engage with the game, internet-connection provided, when they’re on-the-go or away from home. It opens up bingo to a vastly larger potential audience.

The huge improvements made in graphic capabilities have also allowed online bingo to thrive in the modern era. Betfair, for example, offers players the chance to play online bingo for real money through games like ‘Enchanted Lamp’ and ‘Pirate Gold’, which include crafted digital environments to immerse the player in its own world. The vibrancy and colour of these digital offerings are fundamentally reliant on technological advances and are something that the traditional bingo hall is simply unable to provide - at least in terms of diversity. Technology has allowed online bingo to offer players an unprecedented range of gaming worlds to engross themselves in and to discover their own preference.


In the future, the rapid growth of streaming services may provide online bingo platforms with another boost, as they allow players to play the same game on computers, mobile, and TV. This could allow players to enjoy bingo on the TV amongst friends, for example, and encourage an even more social dynamic. Virtual Reality also promises much for the online bingo industry, as it would bring it closer to replicating the ‘real-world’ feeling of being in a bingo hall amongst other people. Technology has already helped to cultivate a community feeling in online bingo as automatically filling in players’ cards allows for free interaction in the chat rooms during the game. VR, however, would take this even further and allow players to interact with each other more directly and facilitate the perfect environment in which bingo players can build a sense of fun, friendship, and camaraderie.

The commitment in the online bingo industry to embracing new technologies has allowed it to remain relevant in a fast-changing environment. Its historic popularity as a game of simple fun combined with the vibrant bells and whistles provided by digital capabilities has proved to be a winning formula for online bingo. As technology continues to advance at rocket-speed, the future looks bright for the industry.

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