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Technology changing the gaming market

14th July 2020 Print
vr gaming

The advancements in technology have been remarkable in the last decade and further. It is now changing so many different things, that impact our everyday lives. You have the emergence of smart phones that are now used for virtually every task, from reading, banking, socialising, movie streaming and now gaming. The latter is something that has evolved to new heights in recent years, with technology being the key behind this growth.

In 2020 alone, gaming players are expected to spend around 4.5 billion USD on immersive gaming. This is a fast growing part of gaming and potentially the future, with many feeling it is more enjoyable than traditional alternatives. Immersive games is about creating a space, so that players feel they are there in the game they are playing. Virtual reality is an example of how this technological advancement is proving this. There are also now many immersive first person shooter games on the market, from the likes of Battlefield V, Metro Exodus and Halo 5: Guardians to name just a few. Each are some of the most immersive games ever created and pillar to build on for many other games.

As mentioned virtual reality is one of biggest technological advancements to have ever been created in the gaming market, and is continuing to evolve. It works by creating a computer generated simulation, so you can interact within a real or physical way. It creates such a realistic feel to gaming and why this is going to evolve further and is likely to be the future of gaming.

It is also now being implemented into other fields of gaming, with casinos being a key example of this. These VR casinos bring the casino floor to your own home and provide a great form of enhanced gaming and social platform. Players can pick up similar offers to the ones at all betting sites, from bonuses for new and existing players. These platforms and likely to incorporate the VR options, which are likely to become more and more popular in the coming years, as technology also grows.

Investments are being pumped into VR casinos and this is expected to rise by around 800 per cent next year to a figure of around $500 billion. This gives a further indication of the backing behind these field. It will provide a real experience, similar to that of walking across a casino floor in las Vegas. This provides a truly exciting period for the gaming industry and a look ahead to what it will look like in future years. 

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vr gaming