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Why internet speed is crucial for good online gaming and how to improve yours

4th August 2020 Print

It doesn’t matter whether you are competing in a top-rated online shooter, or trying to relax at the end of a busy day with a few bets at the new online slots - unless you have a fast internet connection, your experience will not be a good one. Lag is a competitive gamer’s nightmare, and slow internet speeds and lagging go hand in hand.

You might be dead in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and not realize it until 5 seconds after, and that never feels good. Believe it or not, most people who think they are really bad in reaction-based, real-time online games such as first-person shooters and sports games, lose so often because of their poor ping and slow internet connections. In a game like Call of Duty, where every frame is considered precious enough to make a difference between winning or losing a match, connection lag pretty much guarantees a loss every time.

How Internet Speed and Ping Affects Gaming

Have you ever played live casino games like blackjack or roulette, where the dealer hears your voice and reacts to it, but only after a few seconds? If that has happened to you already, then you know how frustrating it is to keep your concentration with such a distracting delay every time.

Now, imagine the same is happening in an online game where twitch reactions decide the difference between a winner and a loser. Even if you are not using a headset to chat with other players, the images will still come to you late due to the slower connection. As a result, there will always be a marked difference or discrepancy between the following:

- Your reactions and the responses of your character in a game

- What you see on the screen in front of you, and what is actually happening in real-time

If your connection to the server has ping that’s high enough, the server will likely even kick you out of the game at times. In other words, not only will there be a significant delay in the online game’s responsiveness if your connection is slow, but you can practically never win in PvP either. Safe to say, if you are any kind of online gamer at all, you know that simply won’t do, which is why we will discuss the options available to improve your internet speed and online gaming experience next.

Understand the Requirements

Even more than the speed itself, latency or ping holds more importance to online gaming. This means that you need to fulfill a few primary requirements before setting up an online match in PUBG, DOTA, or Rocket League.

First and foremost, the player will need to ensure that their internet plan fulfills the following requirements:

- Minimum download speed of 4-6Mbps

- Minimum upload speed of 1-2Mbps

This shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age where even Gigabit fiber connections are becoming commonplace.

Secondly, we need to keep an eye on that ping. Local servers usually have lower latency, so always try to connect and play on servers closest to your geographic location. The games should automatically suggest the same as well, but if there are no servers near you, you can make do with a ping as high as 150ms, although that’s not ideal for any game that requires fast reactions, such as online fighters, racers, and shooters.

What Can You Expect After Getting a Fast Internet Connection?

When the ping on your new connection is less than 20ms, and you have a 100Mbps+ fiber connection, hook your PC/console up to a 2ms 144hz monitor. You should begin to see improvements in your rank across all online games, almost immediately after. If brand new online slots and live casinos appeal to you more, then check out this new online slots provider called Unikrn to enjoy the best experience in that department with your new high-speed net connection.

We suggest connecting your PC/laptop/mobile to the big screen TV at home for playing live casino games and the brand-new slots at Unikrn. The gorgeous dealers at their live casino tables and the colorful animations in Unikrn’s new online slots will look more realistic than you might have ever imagined possible, thanks to the large display and the HD streaming speeds which your new connection should be able to handle easily. 

The fact that your new low latency, high-speed connection will also eliminate any delays in audio interactions with other players and the dealer can practically create the illusion of playing blackjack or roulette in a real-life casino with other players. For playing both their old and new online slots, or to bet on sports while you are on the move, they have a handy mobile app that you can download and use from anywhere.

In case you cannot find a local server, or one that doesn’t lag too much even after switching over to a faster internet connection, it’s just better to find a game that has local servers. This shouldn’t at least be a problem with popular online gaming titles though. On the other hand, if you cannot find a high-speed internet connection near your location, or simply can’t afford to pay for one at the moment, consider playing online games that don’t require a high bandwidth. Most mobile games, including mobile casino games, fit this category, but even PC and console games that are not too heavy on the graphics and animations should be quite playable as well.