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The best way to quit your job and leave a door open

6th November 2020 Print

It’s always hard to leave a place where you grew as a specialist, saw ups and downs, and made new friends. Nonetheless, each of us sometimes needs to say goodbye to the workplace and move on to new adventures. The process of resignation can be emotionally challenging for both parties. That’s why you would like to make a graceful leave.

Here’s what you can end your relationship with a company in the most professional way: 

Give a prior notice

Informing your boss and HRs about your leave is the first step. The sooner you let people know about your decision, the better it will be for a company. Usually, it’s required to give at least two weeks prior notice. Still, it would be better to inform your managers about your plans right away when you made up your mind. 

This would give them time to find a suitable replacement and evenly distribute the workload. It may be hard to do it in person, yet it’s a sign of respect to the time and efforts they put into your development. If your relationships were warm, your boss would understand everything and would be happy to organize a going-away party.

Pass on your responsibilities

If possible, spend some time getting acquainted with a person who will perform your responsibilities after leaving. Write down all the tasks you planned to do, organize meetings with all the important stakeholders and clients to let them know that you will be passing on the responsibilities. If you are a manager, make sure to involve your team in the process. 

It’s hard to get used to a new boss, and still, when people see your support, it will be easier for them to accept a new person. In this way, the transition will be smoother for your successor, and you will make sure that you are leaving your people in good hands.

Don’t forget to express gratitude to your colleagues

You have probably established friendly relationships, and it’s always hard to see someone you shared coffee and jokes with is now leaving. Make sure to thank your colleagues for all those moments you spent together, to remember funny situations and their support. 

You can make a kudos board in the office, or if you are working remotely, it can be moved online with all your corporate memes, inspiring images, and favorite gifs:

inspiring images

Few could remain untouched by this move. 

Farewell events

Goodbye emails have the right tone, so don’t forget to drop a line to your ex-colleagues telling them how to find you if they want to keep in touch. To make the leave even more personal, spend the evening in the office with pizza or think about some exciting farewell party ideas, like a garden party, BBQ, or a packing party, if you are moving to another city.

Also, you arrange small presents for your colleagues that would remind them of you. 

Parting ways with a company on mutual terms is a great chance to show that your professional ethics is on a high level, and it can contribute to growing your network.

During these turbulent times, you never know how your life paths would cross again or when you would need a helping hand with your career.

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